Information about 2e semester 2015-2016

In the year 2015-2016 you can follow join-in minors in the 2e semester (quartile 3 and quartile 4). The deadline for registration is Monday 23th November 2015.

In the second semester 2015-2016 (quartile 3 and quartile 4) students are given the possibility to follow join-in minors. This offer is an opportunity for students who were not able to take 1 or 2 minors in the first semester to take 1 or 2 minors in the second semester. Students who have already followed 2 minors of 15 EC can only take a minor extracurricular. Information about these minors and the matrix of options can be found at the minor website. Registration for these minors is possible through OSIRIS-student from Monday 19th October up and to including Monday 23th November 2015. Information about the registration procedure can also be found at the minor website. Mail questions to

The minor information market for next year minors will be the 30th of march.