Course in C programming: video and material

For the course Operating Systems, a basic course for programming in C has been given by Inter-Actief. The material and video recording are available here.

The primary goal of the C course is to provide students the basic tools to tackle the assignments of Operating Systems, but it serves as a good starting point to learn C for anyone. The videotaped course includes a practical part. To maximize your learning, you can make the assignments that are presented throughout the lecture. For this, you need to be able to run GCC ( The easiest way is to put a Linux distribution on a USB stick, for example Ubuntu using unetbootin: Make sure you can boot to Ubuntu from your USB stick.

  • Video from the UT vimeo
  • Material, a zip file containing exercises, slides, exercise files and example solutions

We would like thank the lecturer Noah Goldsmid, the staff of Module 5 Computer Systems and the students that have worked on this course in previous years.