Obituary Mike Webster

Dear reader,

With immense regrets we inform you that Mike Webster suddenly passed away this morning, 12th March 2018.

During the weekend Mike became sick and was hospitalized. Mike died at the age of 18.

Filled with enthusiasm Mike started his student life per September at the Business and IT (BIT) programme. His curiosity made him doubt whether BIT was the right programme for him. Per December Mike transferred to the Technische Bedrijfskunde (TBK) programme, which he felt to be a better fit for his interests. He was happy with his choice, was doing well and enjoyed student life with his new made friends. Although he was around at the University only a short time, he knew a lot of people and a lot of people knew him.

Typical for Mike was his positive and cheerful attitude. His kindness and social mind made us smile and made him noticed. Always in for a hand wave or a quick cup of coffee with students and/or lecturers, Mike made a lasting impression.

We feel shocked and sad with the loss of Mike, and we want to offer our condolences to his parents, family, friends, and loved ones.

To remember Mike properly, we would like to make a book full of memories. That is why we ask everyone who knew Mike to share their memories with us. We would like to bundle these memories and offer this book to his parents to show that Mike will be missed enormously, also here at University. These memories can consist of stories, poems, photos, anecdotes or any other personal contribution. Would you please send your contribution to before the 16th of March?

On behalf of,

prof.dr. T.A.J. Toonen (Dean TBK)

prof.dr. C. Aydin (Vice Dean Education TBK) J.M.J. Schutten (Programme Director TBK)

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