Guides for the Bachelor Day in Kick-In

Do you want help a great cause and have some spare time on 27th of August from 9:00 – 14:00? Guide our Bachelor kiddos!

Are you ready to help the parents and take their responsibility off their shoulders for (almost) a day? You have a chance to do so by becoming an activist during the Bachelor Day organized by the Kick-IT!

As in the previous years, Bachelor Day will be an educational day of the Kick-In when kiddos will have a few meetings with important people they will meet later in their study programme, sign for Osiris and Canvas, get to know Inter-Actief and possibly join our association!

Your job would be to show them around a bit, guiding them to the specific rooms where the activities will be prepared. Therefore, we require an activist to know most common rooms/places on the campus and to be communicative and enthusiastic so the kiddos don’t get scared of by the amount of information they receive.

If you’re interested in becoming an activist, please contact us via email: