New programme directors BIT and CS

We congratulate Maria Iacob (BIT) and Arend Rensink (CS) with their appointment! But what does it mean you?

The programme director is responsible for the education quality within a specific programme. They can have an enormeous influence, but in all likelihood there won't be any large enough changes that will noticeable to you as a student. In case there will be, please note that the programme director takes advice from the programme committee, which has student members and is easily contactable!

Official announcement (Source)

Prof dr M.E. (Maria) Iacob (research group IEBIS at BMS) will succeed dr L. (Luís) Ferreira Pires as director of the BIT programme. In this way, we execute the agreement that the directorship of this programme is alternately filled by both faculties EEMCS and BMS.

Prof ir A. (Arend) Rensink will be the new programme director of Computer Science, starting 1 September. He succeeds G.J. (Geert) Heijenk, who was programme director for a period of more than 3 years.

I am convinced that both programmes are in good hands with the new programme directors and I wish Maria and Arend all the best in their new roles.

On behalf of the faculty board,

Joost Kok Dean