Master Open day: Looking for students

On November 12, the open day for prospective master students will take place. The university is looking for people who are willing to help out organizing this day.

On the 12th of November there will be an open day to help prospective students select a master program at our University. This year that day will be online, for obvious reasons. With this new format come some challenges and we need your help to make the open day for Computer Science into a success! We are looking for students that would like to help out with:

-A short contribution to an introductory video, where you tell about your own motivation and experience in your study programme;

-Digital chats, where you can help answer questions by the visitors;

-Chat moderation, manage questions from the visitors and brings them up during the live presentation;

-Technical support, where you can help avoid those awkward moments where the technology does not work out and where you can help manage the livestream.

Besides some preparation, you will only be working during the open day itself. The time investment is limited, and your hours will be reimbursed by the University, making this the perfect side-job!

(One caveat: for students who need a work permit and do not have one yet, we will have to organise payment in some other way; we can’t ignore that requirement.)

If you are interested in this job, or would like more information, please contact Kevin Witlox (