Frank van Mourik: Member of Merit

During the General Members Meeting of the 5th of September 2023, it has been decided to proclaim Frank van Mourik a Member of Merit.

Frank receiving his certificate

Seven years ago, Frank van Mourik started his studies, and before the end of the year, he became active. He then went on to join four different long-term committees, including the Audit Committee and Sociƫteitscommissie. Next to that, he joined many short-term committees, from organising the first edition of Summer Sounds to being chair of the LuCie that organised Lustrum Pixelate, all of which coming up to a staggering thirteen different committees. All of the experience he got from this was always freely available, and any member experiencing trouble with committee work could always come up to him for advice and guidance.

To summarize, for many years now, Frank has been invaluable to the association in terms of his knowledge and contributions, and his activism career is an example to young active members.