Buddy system

As the new academic year begins, we acknowledge the complexity of Dutch systems and university protocols, which can be daunting for newcomers to our academic environment.

Welcome to the new academic year! As you start this new part of your academic journey, we understand that navigating the intricate maze of Dutch systems and university protocols can be quite the challenge, especially for those new to our academic environment.

It is because of this that we have decided to implement the "buddy system", your go-to resource for all those questions that may have you scratching your head! Wondering how to navigate the Dutch public transport system or which library is the best spot for late-night studying? Pondering the intricacies of course registration or just want to know the secret to surviving Dutch winters? Your buddy has got you covered!

If you find yourself in need of assistance or simply seek to establish a connection with another student, don't hesitate to reach out. Just send an email to buddy@inter-actief.net, and we'll connect you with a buddy who can provide you with firsthand insights, advice, and a warm welcome to our academic community.

Are you a seasoned student who's been through the ups and downs of academic life? Do you have valuable insights and experiences to share? If you're eager to make a positive impact on your fellow students and contribute to a vibrant and supportive academic community, consider becoming a Buddy! If you're enthusiastic about helping your fellow students, send an email to buddy@inter-actief.net. Let us know that you're interested in becoming a Buddy.