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The significance of bending strain from XYZ mapping

Pipelines are worldwide most widely used to transport fluids around the globe in the most economical sense. Due to e.g. landslides pipelines may fail which causes huge environmental effects. XYZ mapping inspections of pipelines using an inertial measurement unit (IMU) provides a profile of curvature over the full length of the line. We discuss the significance of the measured bending strain by considering the environment of the strain location, the shape of the strain profile, the pipeline geometry, the ground topography and proximity to infrastructure. In addition, the potential for geohazard loading is considered based on the nature of the ground terrain and comparison with the historical occurrence of measurement movements in similar terrain.

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Symposium committee 2019
Omniscient: Lunchlezing Rosen Group
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donderdag 31 januari 2019 van 12:45 tot 13:30 iCal-link