[Pixelate] Lustrum Consultation Moment

The Lustrum year is in full swing and we are already heading for the last quartile of this academic year and therefore also the last months of the Lustrum year. The Lustrum Committee is looking forward to this period that is traditionally filled with fun activities, weekend trips and drinks.

This year, it will of course all be a bit different than usual and that is why the Lustrum committee is asking for your help! Do you have a great idea for an online, hybrid or physical activity that makes the upcoming quartile even more epic? Then come to the Lustrum consultation moment on Tuesday 20 April in the Inter-Actief Gathertown!

Can't be there and still have an idea? Then fill in this form!

The best idea has a chance to win a crate of PXL8! ?

Who, what, where, when...

Lustrum Committee 2021
[Pixelate] Lustrum Consultation Moment
Tuesday 20 April 2021 from 16:00 until 18:00 iCal-link