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14-oct (Thu) ProCam: Pubquiz
13-oct (Wed) ENIAC final project speed date
13-oct (Wed) House lunch Yellow and Green 2nd years
12-oct (Tue) TueAD
12-oct (Tue) Lunch lecture Voortman Steel Group
11-oct (Mon) House lunch Blue and Red 2nd years
09-oct (Sat) BetterBe TAPC - Twents Algorithm Programming Contest 2021
08-oct (Fri) Rocket Launch Drink
07-oct (Thu) aXi: Canoe trip
06-oct (Wed) Bob Ross painting
05-oct (Tue) TueAD
05-oct (Tue) Lunch Lecture Prodrive
04-oct (Mon) House Lunch Pink 2nd Years
03-oct (Sun) Drink after Second-Year Intro Weekend
01-oct (Fri) Second-Year Intro weekend Photos
01-oct (Fri) Lunch Lecture Rutger Rienks
30-sep (Thu) Study Evening
29-sep (Wed) Laser tag and pool @Tapperij
29-sep (Wed) Committee Market
28-sep (Tue) New Harvest Celebration Photos
28-sep (Tue) Food at New Harvest Celebration
28-sep (Tue) Lunch lecture BaseTide B.V.
27-sep (Mon) House lunch Green
24-sep (Fri) FriAD
23-sep (Thu) Study Evening
23-sep (Thu) House lunch Orange
22-sep (Wed) Freshmen Bowling
22-sep (Wed) House lunch Yellow
21-sep (Tue) Out of your Bubble Drink
21-sep (Tue) Lunch lecture Xsens
20-sep (Mon) House lunch Red
19-sep (Sun) [ENIAC] Family outing to Burgers Zoo
17-sep (Fri) FriAD Scintilla
16-sep (Thu) House lunch Blue
15-sep (Wed) Freshmen Bowling Photos
15-sep (Wed) House lunch Violet
14-sep (Tue) TueAD
14-sep (Tue) Lunch Lecture Realised: Start-ups, software and sustainability
13-sep (Mon) Freshmen Bowling Photos
13-sep (Mon) House lunch BIT
10-sep (Fri) ENIAC: Regional Drink Nijmegen
10-sep (Fri) FriAD
08-sep (Wed) Freshmen Bowling Photos
07-sep (Tue) Board Change GMM Photos
07-sep (Tue) Online Change GMM
07-sep (Tue) Lunch Lecture Belastingdienst: Beyond software development
07-sep (Tue) Lunch Lecture Belastingdienst: Sandwich delivery outside of campus
07-sep (Tue) Lunch Lecture Belastingdienst: Sandwich pickup on campus
30-aug (Mon) Kick-IT Camp Photos
25-aug (Wed) Do-group market TCS&BIT Photos
17-aug (Tue) BBQ TueAD
10-aug (Tue) Summer break TueAD
03-aug (Tue) Summer break TueAD
27-jul (Tue) Summer break TueAD
20-jul (Tue) Summer break TueAD
13-jul (Tue) Summer break TueAD
06-jul (Tue) Summer break TueAD
26-apr (Mon) FlitCie photo challenge
02-jul (Fri) [Pixelate] Food Truck Festival Photos
01-jun (Tue) [Pixelate] Lustrum beer orders June
30-jun (Wed) Online cooking course
29-jun (Tue) Exam Tuesday Afternoon Drink
14-jun (Mon) Cities Skylines: screenshot challenge
26-jun (Sat) Kick-IT Dogroup parent integration
22-jun (Tue) Exam Tuesday Afternoon Drink
18-jun (Fri) [ENIAC] Online whisky tasting
18-jun (Fri) aXi: Canoe trip
17-jun (Thu) [Pixelate] Beer Walk Photos
16-jun (Wed) [Cancelled] ‘Look after your friend’-training part 2
16-jun (Wed) Lunch Interview with Wallace and Vadim!
15-jun (Tue) BeerSA
15-jun (Tue) Food at BeerSA
15-jun (Tue) Lunch lecture Baker Tilly
14-jun (Mon) Hamers Brew-Along
12-jun (Sat) Rially Afterdrink
12-jun (Sat) Lustrum Rially: To the moon and back
12-jun (Sat) Food at the Rially after drink
11-jun (Fri) Active Members Activity
10-jun (Thu) Programming evening M4
08-jun (Tue) CB Drink Photos
26-may (Wed) [Pixelate] Lustrum socks
31-may (Mon) Pandora: Games of Gallia Photos
01-jun (Tue) Netcompany Lunch Lecture: RSS Feed Implementation and Incident Response
01-may (Sat) [Pixelate] Lustrum beer orders May
30-may (Sun) Sunday Afternoon Drink: Aspen Valley Photos
27-may (Thu) GameCie Mario Party 6
26-may (Wed) DipsomanIA Game Show Photos
25-may (Tue) Lunch Lecture FrieslandCampina: Big Dairy
24-may (Mon) Hyper-actief: Forest climbing Photos
12-may (Wed) Hyper-Actief Strava Art Contest
19-may (Wed) ENIAC: Final project speed date
18-may (Tue) CAPE Group Lunch Lecture: Software on the move
17-may (Mon) EEMCS LinkedIn workshop
12-may (Wed) GameCie-GameJam Game night
11-may (Tue) Lunch lecture ROSEN: using machine learning to detect corrosion
10-may (Mon) Front-end Frameworks: why (not)? - by Exellys
07-may (Fri) GameJam
04-may (Tue) Lunch lecture PolderValley: LET'S PLAY DARTS!
30-apr (Fri) GameCie WAN
16-apr (Fri) Buy a page in Almanac Viral
01-apr (Thu) [Pixelate] Lustrum beer orders April
29-apr (Thu) [CB] Epic Idea Drink
28-apr (Wed) Workshop Choice Stress (by Procam)
28-apr (Wed) Symposium committee interest lunch
27-apr (Tue) [Pixelate] Pix King's Day
26-apr (Mon) Coffee hour with the board
09-apr (Fri) [Pixelate] Lustrum Sweaters
22-apr (Thu) Online Batavierenrace Photos
22-apr (Thu) Workshop Pitching (by Procam)
20-apr (Tue) Online Tuesday Afternoon Drink (Gather.town)
20-apr (Tue) [Pixelate] Lustrum Consultation Moment
20-apr (Tue) Lunch Lecture ASML: Innovations in Software Development at ASML
19-apr (Mon) Do-group Reunion
19-apr (Mon) Coffee hour with the board
16-apr (Fri) ENIAC: Regional Drink Den Haag
16-apr (Fri) [Freshmen] EEMCS Freshmen Activity
13-apr (Tue) Exam Tuesday Afternoon Drink
29-mar (Mon) Week of Education: Easter Eggs! Photos
01-apr (Thu) [WoE] Rubber duck painting Photos
15-mar (Mon) [Pixelate] Lustrum beer orders March
31-mar (Wed) [WoE] Guest lecture: The Color of Noise by Casey Muratori
30-mar (Tue) [WoE] Teachers Pubquiz
30-mar (Tue) Bol.com Lunch Lecture: Search Trends
29-mar (Mon) [WoE] Eggsercise: Rom's kickboxing workshop
29-mar (Mon) Coffee hour with the board
27-mar (Sat) [Pixelate + ENIAC] Borrel boxes - Alumni day & ENIAC symposium
27-mar (Sat) [Pixelate + ENIAC] Alumni day & ENIAC symposium
26-mar (Fri) Casino games night
24-mar (Wed) Semi-Annual GMM
23-mar (Tue) Pandora Hype Drink
23-mar (Tue) Lunch lecture OVSoftware: Railway-oriented programming
22-mar (Mon) Freshmen Speed dates
22-mar (Mon) Seminar Startups: Theory vs Practice
22-mar (Mon) Coffee hour with the board
19-mar (Fri) GameCie Valheim
19-mar (Fri) After-election drink
17-mar (Wed) Online Pro Deo show
17-mar (Wed) CS Q&A
16-mar (Tue) [PaXilate] Interactive Pub Quiz
16-mar (Tue) Lunch Lecture NS: Robot Misty & NS
15-mar (Mon) Coffee hour with the board
01-mar (Mon) Walk together
12-mar (Fri) [Pixelate] Thales Mixelate Workshop
12-mar (Fri) [Pixelate] Inter-Actief Lustrum Salut
12-mar (Fri) [Pixelate] Secret Activity @your doorstep
10-mar (Wed) Committee market
09-mar (Tue) [Pixelate] Pixelate Treasure Tracking
08-mar (Mon) Coffee hour with the board
25-feb (Thu) [Pixelate] Craft Beer Glasses
05-mar (Fri) Board Interest Drink
05-mar (Fri) EEMCS casual Friday
03-mar (Wed) Symposium Disseminate Photos
02-mar (Tue) Lunch Lecture Moneybird: Flutter
01-mar (Mon) GameCie Farming Simulator Server Opening
01-mar (Mon) EEMCS Workshop: Effective Digital Communication
01-mar (Mon) Coffee hour with the board
15-feb (Mon) [Pixelate] Pre-order your Lustrum beer!
20-feb (Sat) [Cancelled] Ski Trip 2021
19-feb (Fri) GameCie Minecraft weekend
18-feb (Thu) StuCie interest lunch
16-feb (Tue) BouWatch Lunch Lecture
15-feb (Mon) Board Information Lunch
12-feb (Fri) Factorio Lunar/Chinese New Year's Rocket Launch (so: part 2)
12-feb (Fri) ENIAC: Regional Drink Enschede
09-feb (Tue) DipsomanIA Beerpong Tournament
09-feb (Tue) Almanac Theme Reveal
09-feb (Tue) Lunch lecture Witteveen+Bos: From 3D Model to VR Simulator
08-feb (Mon) Coffee hour with the board
04-feb (Thu) Among Us Tournament
03-feb (Wed) Kick-IT interest lunch
02-feb (Tue) [Pixelate] Pix Time Travel: 90s!
02-feb (Tue) Lunch lecture Prodrive: Parsing, the functional way
01-feb (Mon) General Members Meeting (lunchbreak GMM)
25-jan (Mon) Coffee hour with the board
22-jan (Fri) Golf with your Friends Game Night
18-jan (Mon) Project evening MOD 2
15-jan (Fri) Freshmen Jackbox party games
13-jan (Wed) YER CV Workshop
12-jan (Tue) Nedap Drink Lecture / Stanislaus Craft Beer Tasting
12-jan (Tue) Lunch lecture Capgemini 5G
11-jan (Mon) Programming evening MOD 2
11-jan (Mon) Chess tournament
08-jan (Fri) Factorio New Year's Rocket Launch
01-dec (Tue) Advent of code
17-dec (Thu) Inter-Actief Top 100 Café
16-dec (Wed) GameCie Christmas Event
15-dec (Tue) Glühwein - DIY edition Photos
15-dec (Tue) Lunch lecture Klaas Sikkel
11-dec (Fri) Feutenmarathon: (s)Lockdown edition
30-nov (Mon) The Student House Games
07-dec (Mon) Pre-Christmas Dinner
01-dec (Tue) Saint Nicholas: "Secret Santa"
27-nov (Fri) GameCie WAN
25-nov (Wed) ENIAC: Final project speed date
24-nov (Tue) [Pixelate] Cocktailworkshop Online Photos
23-nov (Mon) Optiver Low latency C++ workshop
16-nov (Mon) Inter-Actief face masks
17-nov (Tue) Let's GO! Study Abroad Fair 2020
19-nov (Thu) E(EMC)Sports
17-nov (Tue) GameCie: Gmod - TTT
15-nov (Sun) Werewolves
14-nov (Sat) BetterBe TAPC - Twents Algorithm Programming Contest 2020
13-nov (Fri) ENIAC: Regional Drink Leiden
10-nov (Tue) [Pixelate] Minecraft Pixelart Contest (w/ GameCie)
10-nov (Tue) Inter-Actief Top 100 kickoff
06-nov (Fri) GameCie Among Us Night
29-oct (Thu) Pumpkin carving Photos
28-oct (Wed) Project evening Mod1
27-oct (Tue) GameCie TF2: Spooktober Edition
20-oct (Tue) Lunch lecture Picnic
13-oct (Tue) Facemask design contest