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18-sep (Fri) FriAD Scintilla
16-sep (Wed) Shortgolf Photos
15-sep (Tue) Sunny Tuesday Afternoon Drink Photos
15-sep (Tue) Lunch lecture Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax and Customs Administration)
11-sep (Fri) ENIAC: Regional Drink Deventer
11-sep (Fri) FriAD Abacus
09-sep (Wed) Freshmen Bowling
08-sep (Tue) Tuesday Afternoon Drink Photos
08-sep (Tue) Lunch lecture Xsens
07-sep (Mon) Freshmen Bowling
01-sep (Tue) Board change GMM Photos
24-aug (Mon) Faculty Kick-In
18-jul (Sat) Online Cooking Workshop
17-jun (Wed) EEMCS Pubquiz
15-jun (Mon) Minecraft Ultra Hardcore: Woodland Mansion edition
12-jun (Fri) ENIAC: Pubquiz
11-jun (Thu) Discussion Moment: Corona and Inter-/Actief/ in 2020/2021
10-jun (Wed) SBZ interest lunch
08-jun (Mon) General Members Meeting
01-jun (Mon) Puzzle week
29-may (Fri) FriAD: Build Your Own Game Presentation
26-may (Tue) Beeryoga
21-may (Thu) DipsomanIA: Build Your Own Game
20-may (Wed) GameCie WAN Party
19-may (Tue) Candidate Board: Good Idea Drink
12-may (Tue) Beertasting with Stanislaus
01-may (Fri) Online Batavierenrace Photos
24-apr (Fri) [POSTPONED] Active Members Weekend
21-apr (Tue) [Online] Poker tournament
21-apr (Tue) [Online] Symposium committee interest lunch
14-apr (Tue) DipsomanIA: Online Abscint TuAD
13-apr (Mon) Minecraft Ultra Hardcore: Quarantine edition
07-apr (Tue) ECie "Qu1zCie" - Jackbox games
31-mar (Tue) Online Tuesday Afternoon Drink
27-mar (Fri) Sadturion: Quarantine Extreme
26-mar (Thu) Movie Night
24-mar (Tue) Online Tuesday Afternoon Drink
24-mar (Tue) [CANCELLED] Lunch lecture TNO
23-mar (Mon) [CANCELLED] Curling
20-mar (Fri) [CANCELLED] Moneybird SurvivIAl of the Fittest LAN
17-mar (Tue) [CANCELLED] Pandora Hype drink
16-mar (Mon) [CANCELLED] Half-yearly GMM
16-mar (Mon) [CANCELLED] EEMCS Course pitching
13-mar (Fri) [CANCELLED] Friday Afternoon Drink
12-mar (Thu) Dies dinner Photos
12-mar (Thu) Dies reception Photos
10-mar (Tue) Dies pubquiz Photos
10-mar (Tue) Food at pubquiz
10-mar (Tue) Lunch lecture Technolution
06-mar (Fri) VR Night
05-mar (Thu) BIT & IEM Project Evening
04-mar (Wed) Symposium Nexus After Drink
04-mar (Wed) Symposium Nexus Photos
03-mar (Tue) IDEA awards and Apres-SkiCie Borrel Photos
03-mar (Tue) Lunch lecture Prodrive
02-mar (Mon) EEMCS Freshmen Activity
01-mar (Sun) Board Interest Drink
29-feb (Sat) DiesCie: A day in Brussels
29-feb (Sat) Brussels: Chocolate shop tour Photos
27-feb (Thu) EEMCS Carnaval 2020 Photos
27-feb (Thu) IDEA Lunch Lecture
26-feb (Wed) Krazy Kangaroo
25-feb (Tue) FeCie: Jungle Jam at Update Photos
25-feb (Tue) [Theme Drink] Ready for Take-Off Photos
24-feb (Mon) Minecraft UHC
15-feb (Sat) Ski trip
18-feb (Tue) TueAD Extravaganza: Feutenmarathon
16-feb (Sun) NC chugging against the wind 2020
14-feb (Fri) LuCie Interest Lunch
12-feb (Wed) Weet Ik Veel!
11-feb (Tue) Tuesday Afternoon Drink
11-feb (Tue) Python and C Programming Course
11-feb (Tue) Lunch lecture ASML
07-feb (Fri) Inter-/Actief/ Sweaters!
07-feb (Fri) ENIAC: Regional Drink Enschede
07-feb (Fri) Safe Space FriAD Inter-Actief
07-feb (Fri) EEMCS-trip location reveal lunch
05-feb (Wed) Prom 2020 - The 20’s 20’s Masquerade Photos
05-feb (Wed) Board Information Lunch
04-feb (Tue) Sport TuAD Photos
04-feb (Tue) Lunch lecture PolderValley
31-jan (Fri) FriAD Scintilla
28-jan (Tue) Exam Tuesday Afternoon Drink
24-jan (Fri) FriAD Abacus
23-jan (Thu) EC Project evening
21-jan (Tue) Exam Tuesday Afternoon Drink
17-jan (Fri) FriAD Proto
16-jan (Thu) FreshCie: Ice skating Photos
16-jan (Thu) [Cancelled] Ortec Finance workshop
15-jan (Wed) [Cancelled] ICD Safari
14-jan (Tue) Theme Drink: Gameshow drink Photos
14-jan (Tue) Course Contract Negotiations
14-jan (Tue) Food at the theme drink
14-jan (Tue) Lunch lecture Ortec
13-jan (Mon) Prom 2020 - Dance Workshop
10-jan (Fri) FriAD Scintilla
08-jan (Wed) EC Programming evening
07-jan (Tue) Winter Wonderland Drink Photos
07-jan (Tue) Lunch lecture Moneybird
06-jan (Mon) EEMCS New Years Drink
01-jan (Wed) New Years Drink
20-dec (Fri) Inter-Actief Top 100 Café Photos
20-dec (Fri) Inter-Actief Top 100 Café food
18-dec (Wed) Prom 2020 - GENTS Suit fitting moment
17-dec (Tue) Christmas Dinner Photos
17-dec (Tue) Lunch lecture ICD
14-dec (Sat) Christmas Market
12-dec (Thu) Company Dinner
12-dec (Thu) Grolsch Brewery tour Photos
11-dec (Wed) Prom 2020 - Theme Announcement Drink
10-dec (Tue) ECie: Casino drink Photos
10-dec (Tue) Lunch lecture BetterBe
09-dec (Mon) General Members Meeting (lunchbreak GMM)
06-dec (Fri) FriAD Proto
06-dec (Fri) Shooting Workshop [18+]
04-dec (Wed) Cooking workshop Photos
04-dec (Wed) IBC destination announcement lunch
03-dec (Tue) Sinterklaas Drink Photos
03-dec (Tue) Lunch lecture Deltares
02-dec (Mon) Low Latency Workshop - Optiver
02-dec (Mon) Kick-IT interest lunch
29-nov (Fri) FriAD: Scintilla
28-nov (Thu) Cantus XIII Photos
27-nov (Wed) BoA: Alten Pubquiz Photos
26-nov (Tue) SNiC Presents: ResilIT
25-nov (Mon) Minecraft Server Grand Opening
25-nov (Mon) LaTeX Course
25-nov (Mon) Workshop Northwave
22-nov (Fri) FriAD Abacus
22-nov (Fri) WoE Lunch Lecture Photos
21-nov (Thu) WoE Ballmer Peak Study Experience Photos
19-nov (Tue) WoE PubQuiz Photos
19-nov (Tue) Lunch lecture Togetr
15-nov (Fri) FriAD Inter-Actief
13-nov (Wed) Knotsball Tournament Photos
13-nov (Wed) Study Tour Fuente Interest lunch
12-nov (Tue) EEMCS Oktoberfest Photos
12-nov (Tue) EEMCS Oktoberfest: Food
12-nov (Tue) Lunch lecture El Niño
08-nov (Fri) FriAD Proto
05-nov (Tue) SNiC On Tour Photos
31-oct (Thu) Halloween: Spooky Tour
30-oct (Wed) Study tour Fuente Interest Lunch
29-oct (Tue) Exam Tuesday Afternoon Drink
28-oct (Mon) Project Evening
24-oct (Thu) [Cancelled] Low Latency Workshop - Optiver
23-oct (Wed) [Cancelled] Study Tour Fuente Interest lunch
22-oct (Tue) [Cancelled] SNiC On Tour
22-oct (Tue) [Cancelled] Lunch lecture Xsens
18-oct (Fri) Bachelor Graduation Ceremony Photos
16-oct (Wed) Scientific Poster Workshop
15-oct (Tue) Study Tour Theme Reveal Drink Photos
15-oct (Tue) Lunch Lecture Takeaway.com
14-oct (Mon) BoA: Champagne Drink Photos
11-oct (Fri) INDEX (18+)
11-oct (Fri) FriAD: pre-INDEX drink
08-oct (Tue) Bob Ross Tuesday Afternoon Drink
08-oct (Tue) Bob Ross painting Photos
08-oct (Tue) Lunch lecture ASML
04-oct (Fri) LAN with a Chance of Meatballs Photos
02-oct (Wed) ENIAC Final Project Speeddate
01-oct (Tue) Theme Drink: Farmers' Fair Photos
01-oct (Tue) Theme Drink: Farmers' Fair (Food: BurgerMe)
01-oct (Tue) Lunch lecture Witteveen+Bos
26-sep (Thu) Study Evening
26-sep (Thu) Excursion Flowtraders
25-sep (Wed) Committee Market Photos
24-sep (Tue) New Harvest Drink Photos
24-sep (Tue) Lunch lecture
22-sep (Sun) Alpequalpe-SKI
21-sep (Sat) BetterBe TAPC - Twents Algorithm Programming Contest 2019 Photos
20-sep (Fri) Rocket over the Moon: Friday Afternoon Drink Photos