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19-sep (Tue) Lunch Lecture: Moneybird
16-sep (Sat) CANCELLED Innovadis Grand Prix Karting
15-sep (Fri) FriAd
14-sep (Thu) Freshmen Bowling
12-sep (Tue) Constitution drink of the 45th Board of I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief Photos
12-sep (Tue) Lunch Lecture: Tom van Dijk
11-sep (Mon) Freshmen Bowling
07-sep (Thu) Freshmen Bowling
05-sep (Tue) Board Change GMM Photos
05-sep (Tue) Lunch Lecture KPMG
26-aug (Sat) [Kick-IT] Bring Your Own Meat BBQ Photos
23-aug (Wed) [Kick-IT] Do group market Photos
22-aug (Tue) Pre-Pre-Kick-In drink
15-aug (Tue) TueAD
01-aug (Tue) Holiday TuAD
25-jul (Tue) TueAD
21-jul (Fri) Zwarte Cross FriAD
07-jul (Fri) Summer Sounds 2023
04-jul (Tue) Exam TueAD
02-jul (Sun) F1 Race Cafe
30-jun (Fri) [Cancelled] Charity donation FriAD
29-jun (Thu) General members meeting (GMM)
27-jun (Tue) [ENIAC] Back to the Borrelruimte (Regional Drink Enschede)
27-jun (Tue) EEMCS GIT Course
27-jun (Tue) Lunch Lecture: Bookkeeping for Dummies
26-jun (Mon) Study Evening
23-jun (Fri) FriAD
21-jun (Wed) Vestingbar Drink
21-jun (Wed) Active Members Appreciation Dinner Photos
20-jun (Tue) TueAD Photos
20-jun (Tue) Pokemon showdown tournament Photos
20-jun (Tue) "How To Borrel" Lecture Photos
20-jun (Tue) Lahmacun Lecture: Navara
19-jun (Mon) Study Evening
12-jun (Mon) International Business Course 2023: Illuminate Photos
17-jun (Sat) Parents Day Photos
16-jun (Fri) FriAD: SBZ Craft Beer Tasting
12-jun (Mon) Election week University and Faculty council
13-jun (Tue) Animal on spit drink Photos
13-jun (Tue) Lunchlecture Northwave: The story of new malware
01-jun (Thu) Merchandise: Caps, Polos & Bath Slides
09-jun (Fri) Active Members Weekend Photos
09-jun (Fri) FriAD
08-jun (Thu) (Delft-)Eindhoven-Twente day
07-jun (Wed) Cantus XVIII
06-jun (Tue) Sweet 16 Drink Photos
06-jun (Tue) Lunch Lecture Deltares
05-jun (Mon) Study Evening
05-jun (Mon) Women in Computer Science Meeting
03-jun (Sat) Turing's Tower After Drink
03-jun (Sat) Turing's Tower Photos
02-jun (Fri) Do-Group parents integration Photos
02-jun (Fri) FriAD
01-jun (Thu) Eleven Beer Tour 2023 Photos
31-may (Wed) EEMCS BBQ
30-may (Tue) Company Dinner
30-may (Tue) Alpequalpeqi TueAD
30-may (Tue) Hyper-Actief Alpequalpeqi Photos
30-may (Tue) Extendas Lunch Lecture: How to drive innovation and sustainability in a traditional industry
26-may (Fri) FriAD
25-may (Thu) Study Evening
25-may (Thu) [StAf] I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief vs Concept 1 Photos
24-may (Wed) [ENIAC] Graduation Thesis Speeddates
24-may (Wed) aXi: Lasergaming Tapperij
23-may (Tue) FeCie Ex On The Beach Photos
23-may (Tue) DipsomanIA: Casino Night Photos
23-may (Tue) Lunch video: HAKC THE POLICE by Bill Swearingen
22-may (Mon) Geoguessr Tournament Photos
17-may (Wed) EEMCS-Trip 2023 Berlin
17-may (Wed) Northwave workshop: How to respond to a cyber incident?
17-may (Wed) De Es input session
16-may (Tue) Good Ideas & Feedback Drink
16-may (Tue) Lunch Lecture: Technolution
15-may (Mon) [StAf] I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief vs Astatine Photos
12-may (Fri) Pandora End Drink Photos
08-may (Mon) Pandora Photos
10-may (Wed) [StAf] I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief vs Concept 3 Photos
09-may (Tue) Pandora CAKE drink Photos
09-may (Tue) Lunch lecture Nedap: From graduation assignment to a real product with impact
07-may (Sun) EEMCS Mental Health Day
04-may (Thu) Witteveen+Bos workshop: Simulation-based design for sustainable & circular power
03-may (Wed) [StAf] I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief vs Proto 1 Photos
02-may (Tue) Gender in the Blender Drink Photos
02-may (Tue) Food at Gender in de Blender Drink
02-may (Tue) Lunch Video: DEF CON 23; Looping Surveillance Cameras through Live Editing
01-may (Mon) Escape the city Photos
29-apr (Sat) Bata-BBQ 2023 Photos
28-apr (Fri) Batavierenrace 2023 Photos
28-apr (Fri) Kickboxing with Rom Photos
26-apr (Wed) CV Workshop by YER
25-apr (Tue) BSA Drink Photos
25-apr (Tue) Studium Generale: The web reimagined: Solid
25-apr (Tue) Food at BSA Drink
25-apr (Tue) [StAf] I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief vs Stress 2
25-apr (Tue) Lunch lecture BauWatch: Using AI for securing construction sites
24-apr (Mon) Symposium Interest Lunch
21-apr (Fri) FriAD
20-apr (Thu) Science Café Enschede: Brainlike computers
18-apr (Tue) Exam TuAD
17-apr (Mon) Study Evening
15-apr (Sat) BetterBe RIAlly After Drink Photos
15-apr (Sat) BetterBe RIAlly 2023 Photos
14-apr (Fri) FriAD
12-apr (Wed) Active members training Photos
11-apr (Tue) Exam TuAD
05-apr (Wed) aXi Hot Ones Photos
04-apr (Tue) Pandora Hype drink Photos
04-apr (Tue) Food at Pandora Hype Drink
04-apr (Tue) Lunch Lecture/Q&A Voortman Steel Group
03-apr (Mon) StuCie interest lunch
02-apr (Sun) Race Cafe Australia
01-apr (Sat) Epic Members Activity: Toverland
31-mar (Fri) FriAD
30-mar (Thu) Study Evening (CANCELLED)
30-mar (Thu) Excursion: Voortman Steel Group
28-mar (Tue) Studium Generale: The world of chips
28-mar (Tue) Lunch Video: Failure is always an option by Dylan Beattie
24-mar (Fri) LAN Party: MonkIA Photos
24-mar (Fri) FriAD
22-mar (Wed) Study Evening
22-mar (Wed) 'Look after your friend'-training (part 2)
21-mar (Tue) Find Your Date
21-mar (Tue) IDEA & election drink Photos
21-mar (Tue) Studium Generale: ASML's most advanced EUV machine
08-mar (Wed) IDEA: Vote for you favourite teacher!
21-mar (Tue) Lunch Lecture: Thuisbezorgd
20-mar (Mon) General members meeting (GMM)
19-mar (Sun) Board interest drink
17-mar (Fri) EEMCS Trip location reveal FriAD
14-mar (Tue) Symposium After Drink
14-mar (Tue) Symposium Denarius Photos
13-mar (Mon) Culture Committee tafelfriet
12-mar (Sun) Dies Birthday Hangout
11-mar (Sat) [Cancelled] Dies Hitchhiking
10-mar (Fri) Dies FriAD
10-mar (Fri) Committee market
07-mar (Tue) Dies Dinner Photos
07-mar (Tue) Dies Reception Photos
07-mar (Tue) Lunch Lecture Capgemini
05-mar (Sun) Race Café Bahrain
24-feb (Fri) Ski trip 2023
04-mar (Sat) Everything-you-need-to-know "Feuten" edition
28-feb (Tue) The smurfs dimibo
24-feb (Fri) Hyper-Actief Shootworkshop Photos
24-feb (Fri) FriAD
23-feb (Thu) Science Café Enschede: Quantum computer from Twente
23-feb (Thu) Grolsch Brewery Tour Photos
23-feb (Thu) Board information lunch
21-feb (Tue) EEMCS Oktoberfest Photos
21-feb (Tue) Lunch lecture BaseTide: Database Security in the Financial Industry.
17-feb (Fri) Valentines Party Photos
17-feb (Fri) FriAD
14-feb (Tue) Head in the clouds drink Photos
14-feb (Tue) Lunch lecture El Niño
10-feb (Fri) FriAD
09-feb (Thu) YER Cocktailworkshop
09-feb (Thu) Information evening UT-teachercourse
09-feb (Thu) aXi Graffiti Workshop Photos
08-feb (Wed) 'Look after your friend'-training (part 1)
07-feb (Tue) Symposium Hype Drink Photos
06-feb (Mon) Freshest Freshman: Freshman Ice skating Photos
20-jan (Fri) IBC sign-up are open
03-feb (Fri) FriAD
03-feb (Fri) Food at FriAD
31-jan (Tue) Exam TuAD
30-jan (Mon) Study Evening
27-jan (Fri) FriAD
24-jan (Tue) Exam TuAD
23-jan (Mon) Kick-IT interest lunch
23-jan (Mon) TCS New Year Event
20-jan (Fri) FriAD
20-jan (Fri) IBC interest lunch
19-jan (Thu) LEGO Masters Building activity Photos
19-jan (Thu) Weet Ik Veel Recording
19-jan (Thu) Dinner at the LEGO Masters activity
17-jan (Tue) Bingo TuAD
17-jan (Tue) Lunch Lecture: Optiver
16-jan (Mon) GameCie Esports Lounge Game Night
16-jan (Mon) Winter Market Photos
13-jan (Fri) FriAD
12-jan (Thu) General members meeting (GMM)
12-jan (Thu) Bakertilly Workshop: Data analytics
10-jan (Tue) IBC Location Reveal Drink Photos
10-jan (Tue) Dinner at the IBC Location reveal
10-jan (Tue) Lunch Lecture: RiskChallenger
09-jan (Mon) Study Evening (CANCELLED)
09-jan (Mon) EEMCS New years drink
06-jan (Fri) FriAD
03-jan (Tue) Star Bars
01-jan (Sun) New Years Drink
01-dec (Thu) Advent of Code 2022
23-dec (Fri) Inter-Actief Top 100 -- Lustrum edition -- Photos
20-dec (Tue) Christmas Dinner Photos
20-dec (Tue) Christmas Drink Photos
20-dec (Tue) Lunch Documentary: Steal everything, kill everybody!
19-dec (Mon) EEMCS chess tournament
17-dec (Sat) Christmas Market Photos
12-dec (Mon) Week of Education
16-dec (Fri) FriAD
15-dec (Thu) [WoE] Teacher dinner
13-dec (Tue) [WoE] School your teacher Drink
13-dec (Tue) Lunch Documentary: The Jeep hack
12-dec (Mon) [WoE] Study Evening
10-dec (Sat) Food GameJam
09-dec (Fri) GameJam
09-dec (Fri) FriAD
08-dec (Thu) (CANCELLED) ING Workshop
08-dec (Thu) [Young Alumni Network] Lecture with QuiX Quantum
06-dec (Tue) Sinterklaas drink Photos
06-dec (Tue) Lunch Lecture: BetterBe
02-dec (Fri) FriAD
01-dec (Thu) Bob Ross painting Photos
03-oct (Mon) Merch Design Contest
30-nov (Wed) SNiC: CelerIT
29-nov (Tue) World Cup Drink: Netherlands-Qatar
29-nov (Tue) Lecture; The Future of our Climate
29-nov (Tue) Student loans and repayment: Information Session and Q&A
25-nov (Fri) FriAD
24-nov (Thu) Cantus XVII
23-nov (Wed) Company dinner
22-nov (Tue) Glow-in-the-dark drink Photos
18-nov (Fri) Inter-Actief vests and hoodies
17-nov (Thu) Lecture; Music, Networks and Mathematics
16-nov (Wed) Hyper-Actief Knotsbal
16-nov (Wed) Case ASML: Wafer Heating
15-nov (Tue) Board Birthday Drink Photos
15-nov (Tue) Lecture; Our digital tracks
15-nov (Tue) Lunch Lecture: Prodrive
11-nov (Fri) SBZ Lustrum FriAD
08-nov (Tue) Exam TuAD
07-nov (Mon) Study Evening
04-nov (Fri) FriAD
01-nov (Tue) Exam TuAD
30-oct (Sun) Race Cafe Mexico
27-oct (Thu) ITC Workshop - Introduction to GIScience
26-oct (Wed) Study Evening
25-oct (Tue) Halloween Night: Pumpkin Carving Photos
25-oct (Tue) Halloween Night: Drink Photos
25-oct (Tue) Halloween Night: Pumpkin soup from Cooking Club
25-oct (Tue) Lunch Lecture: Thales
21-oct (Fri) LAN Party
21-oct (Fri) Kloktober FriAD
19-oct (Wed) [ENIAC] Graduation Thesis Speeddate
19-oct (Wed) YER Climbing forest
19-oct (Wed) IBCc interest lunch
18-oct (Tue) Soldering course
18-oct (Tue) Bring your own Bak (container) drink Photos
18-oct (Tue) Lunch Lecture: Moneybird
17-oct (Mon) Soldering course
24-sep (Sat) Study Tour Evolve
14-oct (Fri) [ENIAC] Back to the Drinking Room (Regional Drink Enschede)
13-oct (Thu) Riot against the ME (The Dutch Riot Police)
12-oct (Wed) Hyper-Actief Knotsbal
11-oct (Tue) SNiC on Tour
11-oct (Tue) Lunch Lecture Documentary
05-oct (Wed) Master Introduction Activity
04-oct (Tue) Lottery drink Photos
04-oct (Tue) Lunch Lecture: Demcon
02-oct (Sun) Race Cafe Singapore
30-sep (Fri) Friday Afternoon Drink
29-sep (Thu) Study Evening
28-sep (Wed) Committee market Photos
27-sep (Tue) New Harvest Drink: Happy New Academic Year! Photos
27-sep (Tue) New Harvest Drink Cooking Club Dinner
27-sep (Tue) Lunch Lecture: El Niño
24-sep (Sat) BetterBe TAPC - Drink after the competition
24-sep (Sat) BetterBe TAPC - Twents Algorithm Programming Contest 2022 Photos
23-sep (Fri) General members meeting (GMM)
22-sep (Thu) Food at the aXi: Alten Beagle
22-sep (Thu) aXi: Alten Beagle Photos