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03-jul (Wed) General members meeting (GMM)
02-jul (Tue) Vibing With Viper TueAD Attempt 2
27-jun (Thu) Merchandise: Bucket hats & Swimming trunks
30-jun (Sun) Race Cafe Österreich
26-jun (Wed) Study Evening
25-jun (Tue) Vibing without Viper TueAD
24-jun (Mon) [CANCELLED] Study Evening
22-jun (Sat) BetterBe RIAlly 2024 - Afterdrink
22-jun (Sat) BetterBe RIAlly 2024
03-jun (Mon) UT Wellbeing weeks
20-jun (Thu) dET-day
19-jun (Wed) Kickboxing with Rom
18-jun (Tue) Buurman & Buurman TueAD
18-jun (Tue) EEMCS course: GIT
18-jun (Tue) Lunch Lecture: BauWatch
17-jun (Mon) [CANCELLED] Study Evening
17-jun (Mon) Hyper-Actief Alpequalpeqi: Super Splash Bros Photos
15-jun (Sat) [CANCELLED] Ouderdag
07-jun (Fri) Inter-Actief GameJam
14-jun (Fri) Food at the gamejam
13-jun (Thu) Eleven beers tour Photos
12-jun (Wed) Active members appreciation dinner Photos
12-jun (Wed) UTEA: Teacher Elections
12-jun (Wed) Rioting against the ME
11-jun (Tue) Italian food & Wine TueAd Photos
10-jun (Mon) EEMCS BBQ
07-jun (Fri) Inter-University Minecraft Tournament
07-jun (Fri) GameJam Theme Reveal Drink
03-jun (Mon) International Business Course 2024
07-jun (Fri) Food at the gamejam
06-jun (Thu) [CANCELLED] The Ultimate All-Rounder
05-jun (Wed) [CANCELLED] Formorrow Decision Paralysis Workshop
04-jun (Tue) Turing's Tower Video Premier drink: Samurai vs Ninja's Photos
04-jun (Tue) Lunch Lecture: Voortman Steel Group
03-jun (Mon) EEMCS Freshmen activity Photos
31-may (Fri) Active Members Weekend
30-may (Thu) [ENIAC] Graduation Thesis Speeddates Photos
29-may (Wed) [StAf] I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief vs Newton 1
28-may (Tue) SocCie Döner TueAD Photos
28-may (Tue) Lunch Lecture "El Niño"
27-may (Mon) Do-group parents integrationdrink
27-may (Mon) Teacher Dinner
27-may (Mon) General members meeting (GMM)
25-may (Sat) Bata-BBQ 2024 Photos
24-may (Fri) Batavierenrace 2024 Photos
24-may (Fri) Formorrow Pubquiz Photos
23-may (Thu) Time management: what works for me?
22-may (Wed) Culture Committee sushi workshop Photos
21-may (Tue) Freshmen BSA Drink
21-may (Tue) Food at the BSA drink
17-may (Fri) Pandora End drink Photos
13-may (Mon) Pandora Photos
16-may (Thu) [CANCELLED] Time management: what works for me?
14-may (Tue) Pandora C.A.K.E. Drink Photos
14-may (Tue) [StAf] I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief vs Concept 3
14-may (Tue) [UT] Brilliant Failures: Fail & Flourish
14-may (Tue) Lunch lecture BaseTide: Database High Availability
08-may (Wed) NEEMCS-Trip 8-12 May
07-may (Tue) Dress to Express Drink Photos
07-may (Tue) Dinner at the Dress to Express Drink
06-may (Mon) [StAf] I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief vs Atlantis Photos
03-may (Fri) SBZ presents: The Auction Activity
02-may (Thu) [StAf] I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief vs Newton 2
30-apr (Tue) The CB Drink
30-apr (Tue) [StAf] I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief vs Stress 1
29-apr (Mon) Escape the Horsttower
25-apr (Thu) Study evening
23-apr (Tue) Exam TueAD
22-apr (Mon) Study evening
19-apr (Fri) FriAD & EEMCS Chess Final
16-apr (Tue) Exam TueAD
16-apr (Tue) Symposium Interest Lunch
12-apr (Fri) aXi Lasergamen
09-apr (Tue) Half Drink Photos
09-apr (Tue) EEMCS Photoshop course
09-apr (Tue) [CANCELLED] [Cancelled] Dinner at the Half drink
08-apr (Mon) Study evening
21-mar (Thu) Candidate board enrollments are open!
06-apr (Sat) Epic Members Activity: Walibi
05-apr (Fri) FriAd
04-apr (Thu) General members meeting (GMM)
04-apr (Thu) Linkedin Workshop
03-apr (Wed) Hyper-Actief Bunkerdodgeball Photos
03-apr (Wed) Easter Egg Painting Photos
03-apr (Wed) Easter Egg Hunt
02-apr (Tue) Pandora Hype drink Photos
02-apr (Tue) Dinner at Pandora Hype Drink
28-mar (Thu) [External] Sky is the Limit
28-mar (Thu) ‘Look after your friend’-training deel 2/2
27-mar (Wed) Cantus XX
26-mar (Tue) IDEA Drink (teacher elections) Photos
26-mar (Tue) Netlight DJ workshop Photos
25-mar (Mon) [CANCELLED] Active Members Training
20-mar (Wed) GameCie Gamenight
20-mar (Wed) Dinner at the GameCie Gamenight
19-mar (Tue) Dies Dinner Photos
16-mar (Sat) [CANCELLED] DiesCie: Trip to Antwerp
15-mar (Fri) Radio-Actief Photos
13-mar (Wed) Freshmen Ice Skating
12-mar (Tue) Dies Reception Photos
09-mar (Sat) Race Cafe Saudi-Arabia
08-mar (Fri) FriAD
07-mar (Thu) GameCie x Esport Team Twente
07-mar (Thu) ‘Look after your friend’-training part 1/2
06-mar (Wed) [CANCELLED] Quidditch/Quadball workshop
06-mar (Wed) Committee market Photos
05-mar (Tue) TueAD
04-mar (Mon) Module 7 games night with Abacus
03-mar (Sun) Board interest drink
02-mar (Sat) Race Cafe Bahrain
29-feb (Thu) Prom: A night in Paris
27-feb (Tue) Symposium Hephaestus Photos
26-feb (Mon) NEEMCS-trip 2024 Location reveal!
16-feb (Fri) MafIA Theme Drink Photos
15-feb (Thu) Prom dance workshop
14-feb (Wed) Board information lunch
13-feb (Tue) Cafe IT Photos
13-feb (Tue) Food at Cafe IT
11-feb (Sun) Super Bowlrel
24-jan (Wed) IBC sign-ups are open!
09-feb (Fri) Hyper-Actief Shooting Workshop
06-feb (Tue) Liquid EXCEL-lence TueAD
30-jan (Tue) Exam TueAD
25-jan (Thu) New Year's Party with Communiqué
24-jan (Wed) IBC 2024 interest lunch
23-jan (Tue) Exam TueAD
22-jan (Mon) CANCELLED Active members training
27-nov (Mon) EEMCS Chess Tournament
18-jan (Thu) Study Evening
17-jan (Wed) EEMCS Oktoberfest Photos
17-jan (Wed) Currywurst at Oktoberfest
17-jan (Wed) Kick-IT interest lunch
16-jan (Tue) IBC Reveal Drink Photos
16-jan (Tue) Dinner at the IBC reveal drink
16-jan (Tue) Lunch Lecture VSG: modernizing machine deployment
15-jan (Mon) Prom theme reveal drink + Find your date
11-jan (Thu) Study Evening
09-jan (Tue) Symposium Hype Drink
09-jan (Tue) Dinner at the Symposium hype drink
08-jan (Mon) New Years Drink
01-dec (Fri) Advent of Code
22-dec (Fri) EWInterfest Photos
22-dec (Fri) EWInterfest: Solder your own Christmas Tree
19-dec (Tue) Christmas Dinner Photos
19-dec (Tue) Christmas Drink Photos
16-dec (Sat) Christmas Trip Photos
13-dec (Wed) YER Job Interview Workshop
13-dec (Wed) Hyper-Actief Floorball Workshop Photos
12-dec (Tue) DipsomanIA: InterRailing Drink Photos
11-dec (Mon) Study Evening
06-dec (Wed) GeoGuessr Tournament
06-dec (Wed) Dinner at GeoGuessr Tournament
05-dec (Tue) Sinterklaas drink Photos
05-dec (Tue) Wok2Go on the Sinterklaas drink
04-dec (Mon) Kick-IT activists thank you drink
30-nov (Thu) Cantus XIX Photos
29-nov (Wed) SNIC: CreativIT
28-nov (Tue) Sour Drink
28-nov (Tue) Lunch Lecture - Linksight
27-nov (Mon) General members meeting (GMM)
20-nov (Mon) Week of Education
24-nov (Fri) [WoE] Week closing Photos
20-nov (Mon) [WoE] Education Challenges
23-nov (Thu) Grolsch UToberfest
23-nov (Thu) UT Career Cafe (Online)
22-nov (Wed) [WoE] Pizza workshop
21-nov (Tue) [WoE] Cafe Informatica + Elections TueAd Photos
21-nov (Tue) UT Career Cafe (Physical)
21-nov (Tue) Lunch Lecture Takeaway.com
15-nov (Wed) [ENIAC] Graduation Thesis Speeddates Photos
14-nov (Tue) Tu the moon AD
14-nov (Tue) Lunch Lecture - Black Hat USA 2016: AirBnBeware
13-nov (Mon) Study Tour interest lunch
11-nov (Sat) Minecraft PvP Tournament
07-nov (Tue) Exam TueAD
06-nov (Mon) Study Evening
01-nov (Wed) Study Tour interest lunch
31-oct (Tue) Exam TueAD
27-oct (Fri) Halloween Fright Night!
27-oct (Fri) FriAD
26-oct (Thu) Hyper-Actief Spikeball Photos
25-oct (Wed) aXi Pumpkin Carving Photos
25-oct (Wed) Food at Pumpkin Carving
24-oct (Tue) Study Tour announcement drink Photos
24-oct (Tue) Dinner at the Study tour announcement drink
24-oct (Tue) Lunch lecture: THALES
23-oct (Mon) [CANCELED] Culture Committee Potluck
20-oct (Fri) LAN Party: NostalgIA Photos
21-oct (Sat) Bachelor graduation ceremony after drink Photos
19-oct (Thu) Study Evening
19-oct (Thu) MTAD Awards
17-oct (Tue) Wild Wild West Drink Photos
17-oct (Tue) Dinner at the Wild Wild West drink
17-oct (Tue) Lunch lecture Plat4mation: For better flow learn to say no 🚫
16-oct (Mon) Bob Ross Evening Photos
13-oct (Fri) Open days FriAD
12-oct (Thu) UI / UX Workshop Photos
11-oct (Wed) IBCc interest lunch
10-oct (Tue) How to Borrel: A field research
10-oct (Tue) How to Borrel Lecture Photos
10-oct (Tue) Feedback session new design IA Website
10-oct (Tue) Lunch Lecture: Van Landschot Kempen
06-oct (Fri) FriAD
05-oct (Thu) Studium Generale: Artificial Intelligence – beyond the hype
05-oct (Thu) Hyper-Actief Krazy Kangaroo Photos
03-oct (Tue) HGB drink
03-oct (Tue) Vines @ Booking.com: Migrating the monolith to microservices
02-oct (Mon) Culture fair
29-sep (Fri) FriAD
28-sep (Thu) Movie park Germany with YER
28-sep (Thu) Committee market Photos
27-sep (Wed) Study Evening
26-sep (Tue) New Harvest Drink Photos
26-sep (Tue) Dinner at the New Harvest Drink
26-sep (Tue) Lunch lecture Computer Science at ASML - Not just programming!
25-sep (Mon) VR Night
23-sep (Sat) BetterBe TAPC - Drink after the competition
23-sep (Sat) Food at BetterBe TAPC - Afterdrink
23-sep (Sat) BetterBe TAPC - Twents Algorithm Programming Contest 2023 Photos
19-sep (Tue) Lunch Lecture: Moneybird
16-sep (Sat) CANCELLED Innovadis Grand Prix Karting
15-sep (Fri) FriAd
14-sep (Thu) Freshmen Bowling Photos
12-sep (Tue) Constitution drink of the 45th Board of I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief Photos
12-sep (Tue) Lunch Lecture: Tom van Dijk
11-sep (Mon) Freshmen Bowling Photos
07-sep (Thu) Freshmen Bowling Photos
05-sep (Tue) Board Change GMM Photos
05-sep (Tue) Lunch Lecture KPMG
28-aug (Mon) [Kick-IT] Camp Photos
29-aug (Tue) [Kick-IT] Camp Cantus Photos
26-aug (Sat) [Kick-IT] Bring Your Own Meat BBQ Photos
23-aug (Wed) [Kick-IT] Do group market Photos
22-aug (Tue) Pre-Pre-Kick-In drink
15-aug (Tue) TueAD
01-aug (Tue) Holiday TuAD
25-jul (Tue) TueAD
21-jul (Fri) Zwarte Cross FriAD
07-jul (Fri) Summer Sounds 2023