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01-jul (Fri) Hyper-Actief presents: Wipeout
30-jun (Thu) Do-group parent integration
30-jun (Thu) Aerial Silk Workshop
30-jun (Thu) Room remodel input session
28-jun (Tue) Exam Tuesday Afternoon Drink
25-jun (Sat) Food at the Parents' Day Drink
25-jun (Sat) Parents' Day
24-jun (Fri) SummerBZ Drink
23-jun (Thu) Glow in The Dark Party
23-jun (Thu) General Members Meeting (GMM)
22-jun (Wed) EEMCS Workshop: Startup Bootcamp
21-jun (Tue) O&Olympic Games Photos
20-jun (Mon) Cantus XV Photos
19-jun (Sun) Race Cafe Canada
19-jun (Sun) BetterBe RIAlly: Blast to the Past after drink
19-jun (Sun) Dinner at Rially afterdrink
19-jun (Sun) BetterBe RIAlly 2022: Blast to the Past
18-jun (Sat) aXi: Innovadis - Airsofting!
18-jun (Sat) International Culture Fair
17-jun (Fri) FriAD
13-jun (Mon) Faculty council voting
16-jun (Thu) [Postponed] aXi: Alten Beagle
15-jun (Wed) Study Evening
15-jun (Wed) Audit committee interest lunch
14-jun (Tue) Christmas BBQ Photos
14-jun (Tue) Voting Drink for Faculty Council
14-jun (Tue) Lunch Lecture Bunq: How we pay
13-jun (Mon) Active Members Appreciation Dinner
12-jun (Sun) Race Cafe
10-jun (Fri) FriAD
09-jun (Thu) YER BBQ
09-jun (Thu) UTEA Final, come support Wallace!
08-jun (Wed) [Cancelled] EEMCS Barbecue
07-jun (Tue) Freshman PubQuiz&Karaoke evening
07-jun (Tue) Lunch Lecture Bol.com
03-jun (Fri) GameJam
03-jun (Fri) FriAD
02-jun (Thu) Eleven Beers Tour
01-jun (Wed) ENIAC graduation speed date
01-jun (Wed) Lunch Lecture Mental Health: Where to Reach Out
31-may (Tue) Bye Board 42 drink: So long, and thanks for all the fish!
31-may (Tue) [Cancelled] Optiver Trading Game
30-may (Mon) Inhouse day Prodrive
25-may (Wed) EEMCS Trip 2022 to Prague
24-may (Tue) EC Foodtruck dimibo
24-may (Tue) Lunch Lecture Topicus: Climate Change and IT
23-may (Mon) EEMCS Prom
09-may (Mon) Prom suit fitting at Gents
20-may (Fri) Active member weekend Photos
20-may (Fri) FriAD
19-may (Thu) ECie Dropping Photos
19-may (Thu) Study Evening
18-may (Wed) aXi: LEGO night
17-may (Tue) Prom Find your date drink
17-may (Tue) Lunch lecture BaseTide B.V.: Database Performance and Design
16-may (Mon) Swing into Spring Party
25-apr (Mon) Month of Education Poster Challenge
16-may (Mon) [STAF] Inter-Actief vs Dimensie
13-may (Fri) Pandora End Drink
09-may (Mon) Pandora Photos
12-may (Thu) General Members Meeting (GMM)
10-may (Tue) Pandora C.A.K.E. Drink Photos
10-may (Tue) Lunch lecture Moneybird: The Principles of ShapeUp
09-may (Mon) [STAF] Inter-Actief vs Stress
08-may (Sun) F1 Drink
06-may (Fri) (Delft-)Eindhoven-Twente day
06-may (Fri) DET FriAD
04-may (Wed) [Cancelled] Case ASML: Wafer Heating
03-may (Tue) Drink of Wall Street Photos
03-may (Tue) EEMCS Workshop: 3D Printing
03-may (Tue) Lunch lecture Belastingdienst
02-may (Mon) Game Night [Cancelled]
02-may (Mon) Inhouse day BakerTilly
02-may (Mon) Symposium committee interest lunch
29-apr (Fri) Batavierenrace
29-apr (Fri) ENIAC Port Tasting (online)
29-apr (Fri) FriAD
28-apr (Thu) StAf-tournament (football)
28-apr (Thu) Prom Dance Workshop
26-apr (Tue) Good Idea drink Photos
26-apr (Tue) [Cancelled] Lunch Lecture Capgemini
25-apr (Mon) EEMCS Electroshock: Remastered
25-apr (Mon) [Cancelled] Workshop Witteveen+Bos: Agent-based simulation for sustainable and circular power
24-apr (Sun) aXi: Lasergaming in not the Educafé! Photos
22-apr (Fri) FriAD
20-apr (Wed) Company Dinner
20-apr (Wed) Study Evening
20-apr (Wed) Baking Day
19-apr (Tue) Exam TueAD
15-apr (Fri) Good FriAD
12-apr (Tue) Exam TueAD
11-apr (Mon) EEMCS Freshman Activity
08-apr (Fri) VR night
06-apr (Wed) Profit plan input session
05-apr (Tue) TueAD
05-apr (Tue) Lunch Lecture BakerTilly: The reliability of data, how can this be achieved
04-apr (Mon) Study Evening
02-apr (Sat) Epic members activity: Moviepark Germany Photos
01-apr (Fri) April Fools FriAD
31-mar (Thu) Faculty Council Information Lunch
29-mar (Tue) Pandora Hype Drink Photos
29-mar (Tue) NS Lunch Lecture: Automatic Train Operation and Data Driven Maintenance
28-mar (Mon) Freshmen Committee: Lasertag
28-mar (Mon) Faculty EEMCS Feedback session
25-mar (Fri) Topicus AstronomIA LAN Party
25-mar (Fri) FriAD
24-mar (Thu) EEMCS Trip reveal lunch
23-mar (Wed) Study Evening
22-mar (Tue) Quality Agreements (WSV) brainstorm session
21-mar (Mon) EEMCS Oktoberfest
21-mar (Mon) Dinner EEMCS Oktoberfest
20-mar (Sun) Board Interest Drink
20-mar (Sun) Mental Health Day
18-mar (Fri) FriAD: Saint Patrick's Day
17-mar (Thu) Squashing
16-mar (Wed) Symposium Zephyrus After Drink Photos
16-mar (Wed) Symposium Zephyrus Photos
15-mar (Tue) TueAD
15-mar (Tue) Lunch lecture Nedap
12-mar (Sat) DiesCie: Trip to Cologne Photos
12-mar (Sat) DiesCie: Pub Crawl in Cologne
11-mar (Fri) Friday Afternoon Drink
10-mar (Thu) Dies Dinner Photos
10-mar (Thu) Dies Reception Photos
10-mar (Thu) International Business Course interest lunch
08-mar (Tue) Dies Birthday Party Drink Photos
08-mar (Tue) Lunch lecture ORTEC: Stochastic programming in the economy
05-mar (Sat) DiesCie: Hunted after-drink
05-mar (Sat) DiesCie: Hunted
03-mar (Thu) Study evening
02-mar (Wed) Cantus XIV Photos
02-mar (Wed) Committee market Photos
01-mar (Tue) Internation Business Course location reveal Photos
28-feb (Mon) Board Information Lunch
19-feb (Sat) Ski trip 2022
25-feb (Fri) Friday Afternoon Drink
22-feb (Tue) [DCC] Holiday Two'sday Afternoon Drink
17-feb (Thu) Valentine's Drink
17-feb (Thu) Abacus and Inter-Actief: Drinking games night
16-feb (Wed) WSV Information Session
15-feb (Tue) [DCC] TueAD
15-feb (Tue) Food at the TueAD
15-feb (Tue) Lunch Lecture Eijsink: Is it hard to give a discount?
14-feb (Mon) [DCC] Grolsch Brewery Tour
11-feb (Fri) [ENIAC] Regional Drink Enschede
11-feb (Fri) [DCC] EEMCS FriAD
11-feb (Fri) Inter-/Actief/ vests and hoodies
10-feb (Thu) YER Curling Photos
09-feb (Wed) Knotsbaltraining Photos
08-feb (Tue) [DCC] Tuesday Afternoon Drink
05-feb (Sat) Minecraft UHC
04-feb (Fri) Friday afternoon drink
01-feb (Tue) [TVT] TueAD
31-jan (Mon) Study Evening
25-jan (Tue) Board game night Photos
19-jan (Wed) Study Evening
19-jan (Wed) ‘Look after your friend’-training (part 2)
18-jan (Tue) OVSoftware Lunch Lecture: Software quality and its effect on the economy
14-jan (Fri) Inter-Actief socks
01-dec (Wed) Advent of Code 2021
22-dec (Wed) Kick-IT Interest Lunch
19-dec (Sun) Christmas Lunch
17-dec (Fri) Inter-/Actief/ Top 100 Café Photos
17-dec (Fri) Inter-/Actief/ Top 100 Viewing party
16-dec (Thu) EEMCS Workshop: Pitching
16-dec (Thu) Inter-/Actief/ Top 100 Borrelbox
14-dec (Tue) [Online] Werewolves of Millers Hollow
14-dec (Tue) Study Evening
13-dec (Mon) General Members Meeting (GMM)
11-dec (Sat) ENIAC end of year pubquiz
08-dec (Wed) [Postponed] Cantus XIV
07-dec (Tue) Sinterklaas
06-dec (Mon) ‘Look after your friend’-training
29-nov (Mon) Week of Education
01-dec (Wed) [WoE] Interview with Doina Bucur and Tom van Dijk
30-nov (Tue) [WoE] Remote Drink lecture with Vadim Zaytsev
29-nov (Mon) [WoE] Online Game Night
27-nov (Sat) Rially Drink
27-nov (Sat) Rially 2021: Down To Earth Photos
23-nov (Tue) SNiC: MobilIT
19-nov (Fri) Hyper-Actief big awesome amazing Bounce party XXL Photos
18-nov (Thu) Study Tour Evolve interest lunch
16-nov (Tue) Almanac Reveal Drink
16-nov (Tue) Almanac Viral Release! Photos
15-nov (Mon) [Cancelled] EEMCS Oktoberfest
15-nov (Mon) [Cancelled] Dinner EEMCS Oktoberfest
12-nov (Fri) FriAD
09-nov (Tue) SNiC On Tour
07-nov (Sun) Formula 1 drink: MAXico edition
05-nov (Fri) ENIAC: Regional Drink Leiden
05-nov (Fri) FriAD
04-nov (Thu) Study Evening
04-nov (Thu) Study Tour Evolve interest lunch
02-nov (Tue) Wild west drink Photos
30-oct (Sat) Moneybird ZombIA LAN
29-oct (Fri) Halloween Craft Beer Tasting
28-oct (Thu) Halloween spooky tour and drink
27-oct (Wed) Pumpkin Carving Photos
27-oct (Wed) Pumpkin Carving: Soup
26-oct (Tue) Study Tour announcement drink Photos
26-oct (Tue) Lunch Lecture BetterBe: Mature decision making in security
24-oct (Sun) Formula 1 drink
22-oct (Fri) FriAD
21-oct (Thu) Study Evening
21-oct (Thu) YER Collaboration Training
20-oct (Wed) Rom's kickboxing workshop
19-oct (Tue) Constitution Drink of the 43rd Board of I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief Photos
19-oct (Tue) El Niño Lunch Lecture
14-oct (Thu) ProCam: Pubquiz
13-oct (Wed) ENIAC final project speed date
13-oct (Wed) House lunch Yellow and Green 2nd years
12-oct (Tue) TueAD
12-oct (Tue) Lunch lecture Voortman Steel Group
11-oct (Mon) House lunch Blue and Red 2nd years
09-oct (Sat) BetterBe TAPC - Twents Algorithm Programming Contest 2021
08-oct (Fri) Rocket Launch Drink
07-oct (Thu) aXi: Canoe trip
06-oct (Wed) Bob Ross painting
05-oct (Tue) TueAD
05-oct (Tue) Lunch Lecture Prodrive
04-oct (Mon) House Lunch Pink 2nd Years
03-oct (Sun) Drink after Second-Year Intro Weekend
01-oct (Fri) Second-Year Intro weekend Photos
01-oct (Fri) Lunch Lecture Rutger Rienks
30-sep (Thu) Study Evening
29-sep (Wed) Laser tag and pool @Tapperij
29-sep (Wed) Committee Market
28-sep (Tue) New Harvest Celebration Photos
28-sep (Tue) Food at New Harvest Celebration
28-sep (Tue) Lunch lecture BaseTide B.V.
27-sep (Mon) House lunch Green
24-sep (Fri) FriAD
23-sep (Thu) Study Evening
23-sep (Thu) House lunch Orange
22-sep (Wed) Freshmen Bowling
22-sep (Wed) House lunch Yellow
21-sep (Tue) Out of your Bubble Drink
21-sep (Tue) Lunch lecture Xsens
20-sep (Mon) House lunch Red
19-sep (Sun) [ENIAC] Family outing to Burgers Zoo
17-sep (Fri) FriAD Scintilla
16-sep (Thu) House lunch Blue
15-sep (Wed) Freshmen Bowling Photos
15-sep (Wed) House lunch Violet
14-sep (Tue) TueAD
14-sep (Tue) Lunch Lecture Realised: Start-ups, software and sustainability
13-sep (Mon) Freshmen Bowling Photos
13-sep (Mon) House lunch BIT
10-sep (Fri) ENIAC: Regional Drink Nijmegen
10-sep (Fri) FriAD
08-sep (Wed) Freshmen Bowling Photos
07-sep (Tue) Board Change GMM Photos
07-sep (Tue) Online Change GMM
07-sep (Tue) Lunch Lecture Belastingdienst: Beyond software development
07-sep (Tue) Lunch Lecture Belastingdienst: Sandwich delivery outside of campus
07-sep (Tue) Lunch Lecture Belastingdienst: Sandwich pickup on campus
30-aug (Mon) Kick-IT Camp Photos
25-aug (Wed) Do-group market TCS&BIT Photos
17-aug (Tue) BBQ TueAD
10-aug (Tue) Summer break TueAD
03-aug (Tue) Summer break TueAD
27-jul (Tue) Summer break TueAD
20-jul (Tue) Summer break TueAD
13-jul (Tue) Summer break TueAD
06-jul (Tue) Summer break TueAD
26-apr (Mon) FlitCie photo challenge