03 Aug Mon
Deelname aan Bachelorreferaat »

Het vak Bachelorreferaat wordt voor pre-TOM studenten voor het laatst aangeboden in het eerste semester van 2015-2016. Wie wil deelnemen, moet op tijd een track kiezen.

Informatie over de tracks is te vinden op http://referaat.cs.utwente.nl/conference/24/track Inschrijving voor het vak gaat via Osiris. Je kunt dan vervolgens via de Blackboardsite een track kiezen.

Er gelden de volgende voorkenniseisen:

  • BIT: P + 60 EC's (inclusief minor)

  • Informatica: P + 60 EC's (exclusief minor) + Technical writing.

Let op: voor sommige tracks is de begeleidingscapaciteit beperkt. Het is daarom aan te raden je zo snel mogelijk in te schrijven en een track te kiezen, want vol = vol. Schrijf je in elk geval in voor 20 augustus, want dan kunnen we nog tijdig controleren of je voldoet aan de voorkenniseisen. Schrijf je je daarna in, dan bestaat de kans dat je pas na de start van het vak te horen krijgt dat je niet voldoet aan de voorkenniseisen.

08 Jul Wed
Study tour committee! »

This is the committee that will organize the next study tour!

Even during the holidays, people work hard at Inter-Actief. Today, the new study tour committee was formed as follows:

Joyce Pebesma - Chairwoman

Max Kerkers - Treasurer

Mart Oude Weernink - External Affairs

Dennis Muller - Research coordinator

Bas Hendrikse - Travel coordinator


05 Jul Sun
Summer holiday »

The summer holiday has started!

This means that most of the time the IA-Room will be closed. From time to time we will be open if board members need to work there. You can still contact us by sending a mail to bestuur@inter-actief.net or by addressing one of the board members directly. We will be open again from 31th of August.

Have a great summer holidays!

30 Jun Tue
Educational bouquet »

The study adviser of BIT received an educational bouquet!

He has shown exceptional commitment to students. He helped the students very well with transitional arrangements.

Cornelis ten Napel ontvangt onderwijsbloemetje

16 Jun Tue
Lustrum theme announced! »

It took a while, but the lustrum theme is announced!

The theme is known. Next year will go into the books as a year full of happiness under the theme 'Promising'. The organization of the lustrum year is still working hard, but we can already say something on what the members awaits next year. At the beginning of the academic year, we will open the year with a festive lustrum opening activity. In the dies month (March), the committee will drop some nice, big activities in the framework of the lustrum. To conclude the lustrum year there will be a final party / activity at the end of the year. We wish all members a fantastic Lustrum year!

Yours sincerely,

The 7th Lustrum committee of I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief


15 Jun Mon
We want you to organize Pandora! »

We are still looking for members for the new Pandora-committee!

Would you like to organize one of the most epic activities next year? Please send an email to bestuur@inter-actief.net.

12 Jun Fri
Student assistents »

Do you know much about computer organisation, computer architecture and operating systems? Sign up as a student-assistent!


Do you know much about computer organisation (data path, Karnaugh diagrams), computer architecture (caches, IO, memory modules) and operating systems (processes, threads, concurrency, deadlocks)?

We are looking for student assistents for the 5th module, Computer Systems for CAO (computer architecture and organisation) and the project. You can schedule by yourself when you want to assist.

In the first 8 weeks, student assistents are needed at Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

Interested? Send an e-mail to André Kokkeler.

12 Jun Fri
Meeting BIT Master »

Students of the master’s programme Business Information Technology are invited for a discussion about the results of the National Student Survey.

The programme management would like to get suggestions from you for improvements regarding the master's programme.

The fact sheet of M-BIT with the results of the NSE 2015 can be found here. (Download the document for a correct view.)

Time: Wednesday 17 June 2015, 12.45-13.45

Location: Hall B 2F

05 Jun Fri
Educational bouquet »

Which teacher or student-assistent has shown exceptional commitment? Award him/her the educational bouquet this quartile!

Nominate via this page.

01 Jun Mon
Evaluation Weekly Mail »

We want to evaluate the use of the weekly mail.

That's why we want to ask you to click on this link and fill in the form.

28 May Thu
Minor »

The deadline for the minors was 26th May. Contact your minor coördinator, if you haven't enrolled yet.

27 May Wed
Symposium committee! »

We have the committee that will organize the symposium of 2016!

Gerwin Puttenstein - Logistics and Promotion

Wouter Kobes - Speakers

Luc Jansen - Secretary and Vice Chairman

Dex Bleeker - Chairman

Kyra de Lange - Treasurer

Dennis Cai - External Affairs

SymCie 2016

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