27 Mar Fri
Sheets masters »

The sheets with information about the masters BIT, CSC and TEL are online!

Check it out

25 Mar Wed
Your thesis could be a winner! »

There are lots of awards to win by writing a good thesis. In our country there are various instances that want to reward quality research.

Every year a variety of awards is granted to the best master theses. Writing your thesis takes quite some effort and besides giving you some possibly interesting research outcome it could also get you some nice awards. Multiple instances throughout the country think its a good think that people write quality theses and therefore they grant these awards.

In order to win these prices you have to be enrolled for them and usually you have to talk this through with your mentor. There a lot of different prices focused on different types of research. You can find a lot of thesis awards on http://scriptie.nl/scriptieprijzen, where you can also enroll. The University of Twente has a special webpage with additional information on thesis awards for BIT-students: http://www.utwente.nl/bit/scriptieprijzen/. For BIT and CS students there is also the award by NGI-NGN. There is also awards especially for IT Security students. Namely the Joop Bautz Information Security Award and an award by Stichting Privacy Nederland (SPN) which can be found here: http://www.nationaleprivacyawards.nl/.

Besides all that, our alumni association ENIAC has a thesis reward of its own. You can find more info about it on the website of ENIAC.

Last year one of our ex-board members, Ruud Verbij, got granted a few awards. Ruud finished the IT Security master with a thesis called ‘Dutch E-Voting Opportunities’, a research on risk management on elections through internet. Ruud won the Joop Bautz Information Security Award 2014 and later also got granted a second place at the NGI-NGN award.

13 Mar Fri
Klaas Sikkel wins Educational Award! »

Klaas Sikkel has won the Educational Award 2015.

The winner of the educational award 2015 is Klaas Sikkel. He is awarded for his involvement in education. The second price went to Rom Langerak, and the third price went to Maurice van Keulen

Klaas Sikkel winner DOP 2015

10 Mar Tue
Master information »

Do you want to know more about the masters BIT, CS or TEL? Visit the master information activities!

There are two master information activities. One is about the master Business Information Technology and the other is about the masters Computer Science and Telematics.

BIT: Monday 23 March, 12.45h, RA 2502. Mail to C.tenNapel@utwente.nl for free lunch.

CS and TEL: Tuesday 24 March, 13.15h, Carré 2G. Afterwards, there is a drink in MBasement.

Programme of CS and TEL: 13.15 Introduction

13.30 Computer Security

14.00 Telematics

14.30 Wireless and Sensor Systems

15.00 (break)

15.30 Methods and Tools for Verification

16.00 Information and Software Engineering

16.30 Software Technology

17.00 (drink)

05 Mar Thu
Happy birthday to me »

Thursday 12th of March we, Inter-Actief, grow another year older. And we'll celebrate that extensively of course.

On Wednesday we'll go swimming in the late afternoon after which there'll be a drink at the Educafé. At midnight we will then start our birthday with a nice birthday song. On Thursday we will actually grow a year older so there'll be a joke birthday cake at the IA-room. In the evening of the twelfth we'll enjoy a luxurious dinner in the Atrium in the Bastille. And to finish off the awesome week, there'll be cars driving around the country during the legendary Rially. Subscribe your team for a day full of car-puzzle-sweetness.

So don't forget to subscribe for the swimming, the dinner and the Rially and then we'll see you next week!

05 Mar Thu
Lunch with rector for first batch of TOM »

On Wednesday 11 March, a lunch lecture with the rector will take place for the first batch of TOM students. Sign up!

As a token of appreciation for the dedication of the first batch of TOM and to show what we have done with their feedback on the operation of the Twente Educational Model, this lunch is organized. Partly with the help and feedback from this batch of students, we are working hard to get the best education possible. Second-year students who are wondering what the university has done on the basis of their feedback can come for this lunch. During the (free) lunch a number of issues will be discussed what this group of students has found. Also will be told what has been done with this input.

When: Wednesday, 11th March

Where: Atrium Ravelijn (Central Hall)

What time: 12.45-13: 30 (doors open at 12:30, flexible end)

You can register via this link.

25 Feb Wed
Nominees Educational Award »

Three teachers are nominated for the educational award 2015!

The nominees are:

  • Klaas Sikkel

  • Maurice van Keulen

  • Rom Langerak

In the end, everyone attending can vote on who they think should be teacher of the year. During the drink on the 9th of March, the award will be handed out to the winner.

16 Feb Mon
Holidays »

There seems to be a trend in our news messages: almost all of them seem to be about our room closing for another while.

This time is no exception. Next week is another happy holiday period which means that the IA-room will be closed. So till after the holidays and enjoy your free days! (Or spend them catching up on all the work you're lacking behind.)

12 Feb Thu
Educational Award »

Nominate your favorite teacher for the educational award!

Do you know a teacher who gives an inspiring story every time? Or you can explain difficult things in a way that it looks very easy? Nominate him / her before February 20th for the educational award! You can nominate a teacher here.

From all nominations three teachers will be chosen by the OC. Then you can vote on these three teachers and one of them will win the decentralized educational award.

07 Feb Sat
Room closed »

The Inter-Actief-room will not be opened this wednesday, the 11th of February.

Because on this day our yearly conference, titled MoveIT, will take place. Because the entire board will be present at the conference, the IA-room will be closed that day. The rest of the week the room will be opened according to regular times: from 09:00 till 16:00.

30 Jan Fri
Vragenuur niet-TOM studenten BIT en TI »

Maandag is er een bijeenkomst voor niet-TOM studenten waar je al je vragen kunt stellen over bijvoorbeeld overgangsregelingen, Bachelor Referaat, BIT BV of minorruimte.

Tijdens deze bijeenkomst zal ook informatie gegeven worden over de ontwikkelingen rondom de overgangsregelingen.

Wat: Vragenuur niet-TOM BIT & TI

Wanneer: Maandag 2 februari

Hoe laat: 5e uur

Waar: CR 2K

23 Jan Fri
Minor »

Interested in information about minors? Check out the links below!

Information about minors BIT in dutch

Information about minors INF in dutch

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