15 Jun Fri
SNiC committee interest lunch June 22nd »

IA will likely organise the next SNiC symposium, there will be an interest lunch for people who would be interested in doing so in the Abscint on the 22nd of June.

SNiC is a foundation that organises a yearly symposium for nine computer science study associations. One of these associations is, as you may know, Inter-Actief. At the last SNiC central meeting, it became clear that there is a high likelihood that Inter-Actief will have the honour of organising the 2019 edition of the SNiC symposium. In order to further increase our chances of being allowed to organise the symposium, the candidate board has decided that we will try to start up a committee in the coming weeks. If you are interested in organising the symposium or want to know more about SNiC in general, please feel free to visit the SNiC committee interest lunch on the 22nd of June. The lunch will take place from 12:30-13:30, in the Abscint. We will arrange free lunch, so please enrol on the website so that we have an indication of how many people we should expect. We will take applications at board@inter-actief.net until the 29th of June, and thereafter all people that applied will be invited for a short interview. If you have any questions at this time, please feel free to send an email to the board!

21 May Mon
Symposium committee 2019! »

The committee that will organise the symposium in 2019 has been announced!

The function division is as follows:

Rob van Schooten - Chairman
Sven Mol - Secretary
Reinier Stribos - Treasurer
Darrell Tufto - Speakers
Patrick van Oerle - External affairs
Steven Tazelaar - Logistics and Promotion


30 Apr Mon
New budget for your education! »

Decide what happens with the new stream of income for the university! Submit your idea in one minute.

The university wants to know in what they should invest their new stream of income. It concerns the money that used to be given to Dutch students as financial support. The Dutch government made this change a few years ago and they want to see results!

The budget is estimated to be as big as 200 euros per student. The plans for investments are being drawn up this year, and divisions will be made on a programme, faculty and university level.

What do you want to see? All ideas are welcome, even if they are out-of-the-box, very broad or perhaps too expensive.

Submit your idea here (use your UT account)

You'll hear which quality agreements will be made based on your feedback later this academic year.

25 Apr Wed
Education bouquet - Maurice van Keulen »

Maurice van Keulen received the education bouquet on the 23rd of April.

Maurice van Keulen is responsible for the master course Data Science. Although being a busy with these responsibilities, he managed to help with the problems of over a hunderd students over the duration of the course. This help is acknowledged by the students via the education bouquet!

Maurice van Keulen ontvangt onderwijsbloemetje

Do you know someone who is extremely committed to improve the quality of education or is always willing to help students without hesitation? Then, what are you waiting for? Nominate him or her for the education bouquet! Think for example of a teacher who gives extra lectures or a student assistent who is making hours in overtime to help each and everyone of you! You can nominate someone by going to this page.

Overview of awarded bouquets

06 Apr Fri
Registration Research Project (Module 12 BIT & TCS) »

The registration deadline for the Research Project is April 8. Please be aware of the fact you cannot register via Osiris. You need to register via the following webform.

03 Apr Tue
The candidate board for 2018/2019 has been announced »

The candidate board for 2018/2019 has been announced!

The candidate board for the next year is as follows:

  • Chairman - Jelle van den Wijngaard
  • Secretary - Niels de Groot
  • Treasurer - Yoeri Otten
  • Internal affairs - Jeffrey Bakker
  • External affairs - Egbert Dijkstra
  • Educational affairs - Wessel Ammerlaan


01 Apr Sun
Coffee costs »

During our last GMM, the cost division for the free coffee on the balcony came up for discussion.

A number of members expressed their concern that the current division with Scintilla is not representative for the amount of coffee that our members actually drink. We were asked to think of a method for keeping track of the coffee consumed to have some facts to substantiate the division.

The board has decided upon the following, starting this Tuesday the 3rd of April:

A new committee has been initiated, called the Cofftee. The committee consists of every active member at Inter-Actief. Every week, unless a volunteer steps forward, one committee member will be chosen at random to ‘count the cups’ for that day. A ledger will be placed near the coffee machines with detailed instructions for keeping track of single cups of coffee or tea as well as cans. To gather some data about potential consumers, we also added a column for every cup of coffee our members get at Abacus.

At the end of the trial, a bronze plaque will be pinned on the coffee machines with the name of the committee member that volunteered the most days.

The first selection has been made, and the lucky winner is: Stephen Geerlings! If you come by the IA room on Tuesday, we will help you get started.

April Fools!

29 Mar Thu
The winners of the IDEA are known! »

At the drink at 27th of March, the winners of the Inter-Actief Decentralized Education Awards are announced.

After the Education Committee received many nominations from both TCS and BIT students, three teachers: Harry Aarts, Doina Bucur and Jair Santanna had the opportunity to present something about passion at the Inter-Actief Decentralized Education Awards lunch lecture of the 19th of March.

We started with Harry, being a mathematician, who couldn’t help himself to tell us something about solving puzzles using mathematics. Moreover, he also opened his personal life to us by showing a few pictures of his children playing with a Rubik's cube (and destroying it as a future mathematician). Then we got Doina who told us a bit about her hobby – logic and data. She taught us how to recognize and track bad science. It is always useful to get to know some mistakes in logical assumptions students often make, isn’t it? Finally, we had Jair who is really passionate about the topic of DDoS attacks in general and booters in specific. Therefore, we had a practical lesson of how easy it is to attack a server and why is it a big problem currently on the Internet.

At the IDEA awards drink on 27th of March, the nominated teachers were called in front of the room in order to receive their prizes: Doina Bucur took the 1st prize, Harry Aarts the 2nd and Jair Santanna the 3rd.

About Doina, her students said that she shows love and enthusiasm for her subject; that she keeps a good balance between theory, practice and research; that her courses are very well organized, including very short grading times; and that she is very approachable. Harry is argued to be the best mathematics teacher who shows great motivation to teach and who explains topics very well and in an easily-understandable way. Jair is called a great guy who is always cheerful when explaining his subject. A student even voluntarily attending one of his lectures.

Moreover, the atmosphere was inspiring and “famous” teachers such Klaas Sikkel, Pieter-Tjerk de Boer and Arend Rensink applauded along with students from TCS and BIT. In the end, all three nominated teachers are challenged to play a game of twister with our Officer of Educational Affairs, Lindsay Kempen. Harry Aarts won the game.

The lunch lecture, as well as the IDEA drink, were a success in showing our gratitude towards the professors, as well as inspiring the students they teach every day.

20 Mar Tue
Elections faculty council EEMCS »

Elections faculty council EEMCS for personnel and students 2018.

In the coming weeks the election procedure for the EEMCS faculty council will be held for the sections employees and students. Both sections have 8 positions in the council. The election is for the legislative period September 2018- August 2019 (students) / August 2020 (employees).

Do you want to represent your fellow students in the faculty council? Participate in the elections! Nomination Day is scheduled on Tuesday, April 10 (till 17.00 hrs).

More information, including the schedule, is available on the election’s website. You are welcome to ask questions to Kimberly Hengst, Thijs van Essen and Sander Bakkum (contact details requestable).

12 Mar Mon
Obituary Mike Webster »

Dear reader,

With immense regrets we inform you that Mike Webster suddenly passed away this morning, 12th March 2018.

During the weekend Mike became sick and was hospitalized. Mike died at the age of 18.

Filled with enthusiasm Mike started his student life per September at the Business and IT (BIT) programme. His curiosity made him doubt whether BIT was the right programme for him. Per December Mike transferred to the Technische Bedrijfskunde (TBK) programme, which he felt to be a better fit for his interests. He was happy with his choice, was doing well and enjoyed student life with his new made friends. Although he was around at the University only a short time, he knew a lot of people and a lot of people knew him.

Typical for Mike was his positive and cheerful attitude. His kindness and social mind made us smile and made him noticed. Always in for a hand wave or a quick cup of coffee with students and/or lecturers, Mike made a lasting impression.

We feel shocked and sad with the loss of Mike, and we want to offer our condolences to his parents, family, friends, and loved ones.

To remember Mike properly, we would like to make a book full of memories. That is why we ask everyone who knew Mike to share their memories with us. We would like to bundle these memories and offer this book to his parents to show that Mike will be missed enormously, also here at University. These memories can consist of stories, poems, photos, anecdotes or any other personal contribution. Would you please send your contribution to inmemoriammike@gmail.com before the 16th of March?

On behalf of,

prof.dr. T.A.J. Toonen (Dean TBK)

prof.dr. C. Aydin (Vice Dean Education TBK)

dr.ir. J.M.J. Schutten (Programme Director TBK)

Study Association Stress

I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief

20 Feb Tue
Call for minutes secretary OLC-IT »

The Programme Committee (OLC) is searching for a student(s) to make the minutes for the meetings.

BOZ will still be the contactperson and we will take care of compiling the meeting documents. For students it is only about making minutes.

BOZ is looking for students who are interested, and, preferably, who have some experience in making (English) minutes, and are registered as B- or M-Computer Science student. The minutes secretary can not be a member of the OLC.

There are at most 11 meetings every year, always on a Tuesday morning. The language of communication of the meeting is Dutch.

The minutes secretary will receive a compensation, these students will have a UT Flex appointment and can claim expenses for worked hours.

In case you are interested and/or have questions you can contact Sabine Padberg

s.g.padberg-heskamp@utwente.nl, T: 0534895455

18 Feb Sun
IDEA: nominate your best teacher »

Nominate now your best teacher for the IDEA (Inter-Actief Decentralised Education Award)!

Also this year, the UT organises the UTEA (UT Education Award). Inter-Actief may nominate one teacher for this award that will be selected during the IDEA (Inter-Actief Decentralised Education Award). During the IDEA, you can vote for the best teacher in our domain to be represented at the UTEA.

During the lunch lecture (March 19), several nominees will present themselves, after which you can vote for the best teacher.

Who are the nominees? That is for you to decide! Have you had an awesome teacher this year? Nominate him or her before 6th March with the link below:

Nominate a teacher

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