26 Apr Wed
Room closed on King's Day »

On April 27th the room will be closed due to King's Day. We hope to see you again on April 28th!

You can still reach the board via contact@inter-actief.net.

01 Apr Sat
April Fools' joke: Selection of new members »

We have seen a strong onrush in the number of students and this will continue in the upcoming years.

To manage this, we unfortunately have to select our members in the future. This selection procedure will take place during the Kick-In by doing interviews. Since we as a board do not have the time and manpower to do the interviews by everyone, we are looking for people who can help us with this. Are you interested? Please send an email to board@inter-actief.net!

27 Mar Mon
UT Minor Information Market »

On Wednesday 29th March 2017 the UT Minor Information Market will take place in the Vrijhof building from 10 until 16 h.

During this event you can get information about the many possibilities in taking a minor the UT will offer in 2017-2018. More information on www.utwente.nl/minor.

The subscription deadline for the minor is the 12th of May!

27 Mar Mon
The candidate board for 2017/2018 has been announced »

The candidate board for 2017/2018 has been announced!

The candidate board for the next year is as follows:

  • Chairman - Wouter Kobes
  • Secretary & Internal affairs - Jotte Sonneveld
  • Treasurer - Joanne Spijker
  • External affairs - Florian Mansvelder
  • Educational affairs - Lindsay Kempen


13 Mar Mon
Room closed during symposium »

On Wednesday the 15th of March symposium Virtuosity will take place in the Horst. Because of this, Inter-Actief will be closed that day.


10 Mar Fri
Application Board 39 »

Are you interested in a board year at Inter-Actief but you missed the board interest lunch and/or drink?

Don't panic! The 2 presentations are added to this news message. Subscribing for your application is possible until 17th of March 23.59

06 Mar Mon
National Student Survey »

Do you want to let the future students know what you think about the study program? Fill in the NSE (National Student Survey)!

This survey compares the student satisfaction at all Dutch universities. The results will be used in the Elsevier, Keuzegids and Studiekeuze123. You have received an email about this with the subject 'Doe mee aan de Nationale Studenten Enquête en maak kans op een reis!' or 'National Student Survey' in English. You can participate in this survey until the 12th of March!

16 Feb Thu
Change in poster policy »

Because the majority of the activities is in English nowadays, we decided to change the poster policy.

From now on, posters for English activities do not have to contain a British flag, as this is the standard now. Dutch activities need to have a Dutch flag on their poster.

13 Feb Mon
Update board - change of functions »

Hereby we want to inform you about a change of functions which took place within the board.

The new constitution is as follows:

  • Chairwoman & Officer of educational affairs - Iris Heerlien

  • Vice-chairman - Dennis Cai

  • Secretary - Jeroen Waals

  • Treasurer - Kyra de Lange

  • Officer of internal affairs - Pieter Bos

  • Officer of external affairs - Kimberly Hengst

After half a year during which we have learned a lot, we concluded that our board will perform better with these changes, as people now have a function which suits them better. Kyra de Lange will become the new treasurer and Dennis Cai will become vice-chairman. The portefeuille ‘education’ will be represented by Iris Heerlien besides her role as chairwoman.

We believe that this constitution will work best and look forward to the second half of our board year.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask the board.

The 38th board of I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief

10 Feb Fri
New committee: Kick-IT 2017 »

The organising committee for the programme introduction of 2017 has been formed!

Chairman: Jasper Sustronk

Secretary & Do-group market: Heleen Visserman

Treasurer: Egbert Dijkstra

Camp: Rob van Schooten

Logistics: Vincent Dunning

Bachelor Day, do-group parents activities and integration: Floris Weers

Kick-IT 2017

10 Feb Fri
Decentralized Education Award »

You can nominate your favorite teacher for the Decentralized Education Award!

Every year, one teacher will be elected as best teacher of the year. This election is called the Central Education Award. As a preliminary round, every study association can nominate one teacher by organizing a Decentralized Education Award. For the Decentralized Education Award, you can nominate your favorite teacher!

Do you know a teacher who gives an inspiring story every time? Or you can explain difficult things in a way that everyone understands it? Nominate him / her before March 1th 12pm for the Decentralized Education award! You can nominate a teacher by e-mailing oc@inter-actief.net or enrolling to the Decentral Education Award Lunch Lecture.

From all nominations three teachers will be chosen by the OC. To determine a winner, the three teachers will give a short lecture during the Lunch Lecture the 8th of March. The 14th of March, the winner will be announced at the drink.

18 Dec Sun
Christmas holiday »

Next week the Christmas holidays start. Inter-Actief wishes you happy holidays!

The room will be closed during these 2 weeks. From 9th of January we are opened regularly again. You can still contact the board at contact@inter-actief.net.

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