22 Sep Thu
Think Like Turing has won the More Than a Degree Awards! »

Think Like Turing with the Escape Room on the O&O square has won the More Than a Degree Awards in the category: 'Most innovative and notable activity or committee'!

Think Like Turing

07 Sep Wed
The 38th board of I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief »

On the 6th of September 2016, the 38th board of I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief was appointed.

The board was composed as follows:

  • Iris Heerlien (Chairwoman)
  • Jeroen Waals (Secretary)
  • Dennis Cai (Treasurer)
  • Pieter Bos (Functionary of internal affairs)
  • Kimberly Hengst (Functionary of external affairs)
  • Kyra de Lange (Functionary of educational affairs)

26 Jul Tue
Old complaint Data&Information »

We received a complaint about mistakes in the answers of a practice exam of 'kansrekening' a course of the module Data&Information.

Mistakes in answer models are of course very annoying, unfortunately the complaint came in the night before the test so there was not much to do about it before the exam. However, Dick Meijer and Klaas Sikkel like to receive the errors that have been found so they can improve the answer models for next year students.

28 Jun Tue
Summer holiday »

Next week the sumer holiday will start!

This means that most of the time the IA-Room will be closed. If you want to contact us you can send a mail to contact@inter-actief.net or you can address one of the board members directly. We will be open again from the 5th of September.

06 Jun Mon
Symposium committee! »

We have the committee that will organize the symposium of 2017!

Matthijs Vos - Logistics

Thijs van Essen - Speakers

Jorn Boksem - Secretary & Vice Chairman

Joanne Spijker - Chairman

Ties Bolding - Treasurer

Aron van Harten - External Affairs

Pelle de Greeuw - Promotion

SymCie 2017

01 Jun Wed
Best module TCS and BIT »

For both Business and IT and Technical Computer Science a module is nominated for the Best Module election.

Thank you for the nominations. For each study, we may nominate one module. From the nominations the education committee has made a choice which modules we will nominate for Business & IT and Technical Computer Science.

The modules have been nominated from these studies, Data&Information for Business & IT and Network Systems for Technical Computer Science.

23 May Mon
Election best module »

The 30th of June, there will be a gathering in the afternoon to celebrate TOM, all third year students and their teachers are invited.

Part of the program will be the election of the 'best module'. We will do a preliminary round of this election. To nominate a module, send an email to onderwijs@inter-actief.net. Nominate a module that is enjoyable, fits TOM and of course take note of the commitment of the module team!

Deadline for nomination: Thursday, May 26 at 12.00.

12 May Thu
C-Class »

In the beginning of this year, we had a class for the language C.

We did record the class. You can find the recordings here. The slides, and exercises can be downloaded here.

26 Apr Tue
New coffee machines »

Inter-Actief has new coffee machines!

Inter-Actief has new coffee machines! Come drink a cup if you're around and vote on the facebookpoll to let us know what you think!

01 Apr Fri
Inter-Actief becomes Inter-Active »

University of Twente is working hard on the internationalization of studies and services. This means that Inter-Actief can not stay behind.

For many non-dutch speaking students it is hard to pronounce the name of our association, this means that it has to be changed to make the association more accessible for these students. As described in the short-term plan concerning internationalization and in consultation with the candidate board the changes will be immediate. The new name is Inter-Active and will follow the same cursive writing as our previous name.

Currently we are searching for people who can create a new association song, that can be sung by both our dutch and international members. Are you good with music and do you want to create the new association song for Inter-Active? Mail to Internal affairs.

April fools'!

30 Mar Wed
The Alliance has more places to offer, opens on the 31th of March »

More team slots, registration opens at 20:00h on the 31th of March.

The team cap for the Alliance was reached within 24 hours. Fortunately there is room for some more teams. The new team cap is 30. This is the limit! Register here!

29 Mar Tue
The candidate board for 2016/2017 has been announced »

The candidate board for 2016/2017 has been announced

The candidate board for the next year is as follows:

  • Chairman - Iris Heerlien
  • Secretary - Jeroen Waals
  • Treasurer - Dennis Cai
  • Internal affairs - Pieter Bos
  • External affairs - Kimberly Hengst
  • Educational affairs - Kyra de Lange


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