26 Feb Tue
Kick-IT 2019 has been formed »

The Kick-IT committee for the Kick-In of 2019 has been formed, together they will organise the faculty Kick-In for Inter-Actief.

The committee has been formed as follows:

Denise den Hartog - Chairwoman

Lars van Arkel - Secretary & Do-group Market

Gerrit-Willem Smit - Treasurer

Justin Adriani - Logistics

Emma Sloot - Camp

Bart Leenheer - Bachelor Day & Integration


05 Feb Tue
Participate in the National Student Survey! »

Give your opinion about your programme.

How do you rate your programme? Give your opinion in the National Student Survey and be a helping hand in improving the quality of education. Your opinion, together with the opinions of 270.000 other students, will be used for the national study choice guide.

Want to participate? You should have received a message from the University of Twente in the name of the NSE on your student mail. This message contains your personal link to the survey. Upon completion, you are participating for a prize as well!

04 Feb Mon
Room closed on the 6th of February due to Symposium Omniscient »

This coming Wednesday the 6th of February, the Inter-Actief room will be closed, due to Symposium Omniscient taking place at the Van der Valk hotel in Enschede.

On the 7th of February the room will once again open at 9, for all your questions, or if you just want to get some snacks between your lectures.

09 Jan Wed
Looking for: Python teaching assistants »

For module 7 of TCS, Discrete Structures & Algorithms, the programme is still looking for people experienced in Python to support a number of lab session.

Ideally the TA's should have passed the module themselves, but the programme can also use MSc students who are good at Python; the lab exercises are of a level where you should be able to help out even if you didn't do them yourselves in your own programme.

Interested and do you want to know more about the time slots? Get in touch with Arend Rensink: arend.rensink@utwente.nl

06 Jan Sun
New EEMCS internship coordinator »

Since the 1st of January, Sanne Gritter-Spuls is the new internship coordinator at the EEMCS faculty.

Sanne will combine the functions of Eline Meijerink (student internship mediator) and Maarten Korsten (internship coordinator) and can be found at the Zilverling room 1032.

For more information check out https://www.utwente.nl/en/eemcs/traineeship/.

19 Dec Wed
IBC committee 2019 has been formed »

The committee that will organise the 2019 IBC has been formed!

The committee has been formed as follows:

Heleen Visserman - Chairman

Cathy Schmit - Secretary

Danique Lummen - Treasurer

Reinier Stribos - Logistics

Sven Konings - Excursions

Kitty Boersma - Excursions


It will be a wonderful trip.

05 Dec Wed
Education bouquet - Andreas Peter »

Andreas Peter received the education bouquet on the 4th of December.

Andreas Peter is, amongst other courses, responsible for the Cryptography Pearl in the Pearls of Computer Science module. Students find his lectures entertaining and are regarded as most engaging by the first-year students. He gave more freedom without compromising quality and thought about more than just conveying the material. In addition, he thought about how to introduce students to the different university approach to responsibilities. Students seem to appreciate the extra time he put into explaining things outside of the lectures. All this effort is acknowledged by the students via the education bouquet!

Andreas Peter ontvangt onderwijsbloemetje

Do you know someone who is extremely committed to improve the quality of education or is always willing to help students without hesitation? Then, what are you waiting for? Nominate him or her for the education bouquet! Think for example of a teacher who gives extra lectures or a student assistent who is making hours in overtime to help each and everyone of you! You can nominate someone by going to this page.

Overview of awarded bouquets

15 Nov Thu
Technical Computer Science is a top rated programme! »

The bachelor Technical Computer Science has been given the predicate Top rated programme for the second year in a row by the Keuzegids!

This seal is granted to studies scoring 75 points or higher in the Keuzegids (decision guide). We wholeheartedly congratulate the many teachers, staff and students who made this possible, and hope that we as a study association have contributed our part in this, now and in the future.

To celebrate this achievement with the faculty a lunch (with kroketten) will be organised coming Monday 19th of November during the lunch break in SmartXP. All TCS students are cordially invited to attend!

24 Sep Mon
New Inter-Actief app released! »

After a year of renovations the new Inter-Actief cross-platform app is released!

The Inter-Actief app gives you the opportunity to quickly see everything that our association has to offer, you can check activities, quickly sign up for them and the app offers a great mobile alternative for our website.

In addition to the improvements made to existing functionality the new app also includes significant changes compared to the old app, including a completely new UI with a light and dark theme, better multi-language functionalities and cookie corner support.

The new app can be downloaded here.

05 Sep Wed
The 40th board of I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief »

On the 4th of September 2018, the 40th board of I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief was appointed.

The board is structured as follows:

  • Jelle van den Wijngaard (Chairman)
  • Niels de Groot (Secretary)
  • Yoeri Otten (Treasurer)
  • Jeffrey Bakker (Officer of Internal Affairs)
  • Egbert Dijkstra (Officer of External Affairs)
  • Wessel Ammerlaan (Officer of Educational Affairs)

24 Jul Tue
New programme directors BIT and CS »

We congratulate Maria Iacob (BIT) and Arend Rensink (CS) with their appointment! But what does it mean you?

The programme director is responsible for the education quality within a specific programme. They can have an enormeous influence, but in all likelihood there won't be any large enough changes that will noticeable to you as a student. In case there will be, please note that the programme director takes advice from the programme committee, which has student members and is easily contactable!

Official announcement (Source)

Prof dr M.E. (Maria) Iacob (research group IEBIS at BMS) will succeed dr L. (Luís) Ferreira Pires as director of the BIT programme. In this way, we execute the agreement that the directorship of this programme is alternately filled by both faculties EEMCS and BMS.

Prof ir A. (Arend) Rensink will be the new programme director of Computer Science, starting 1 September. He succeeds prof.dr.ir. G.J. (Geert) Heijenk, who was programme director for a period of more than 3 years.

I am convinced that both programmes are in good hands with the new programme directors and I wish Maria and Arend all the best in their new roles.

On behalf of the faculty board,

Joost Kok Dean

20 Jul Fri
Hearing Binding Recommendation (BSA) »

The Bachelor BIT & TCS programme management will send its intended Binding Recommendations to its first-year students per e-mail around August 14th.

See the webpage of Student Services for more information about the Binding Study Advice and the consequences it may have for you.

If you feel you have wrongfully received a negative Binding Recommendation, you can request a hearing by the programme management within 5 working days after the date you have received the Binding Recommendation. You can send your application to: secr_ow@utwente.nl.

The hearings will take place on Friday August 24th (BIT) or Thursday August 23rd (TCS). The hearing committee will inform you about your final Binding Recommendation no later than Monday August 27th (BIT) or Friday August 24th (TCS). The decision could be to maintain the negative Binding Recommendation or a revised positive Binding Recommendation.

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