02 Jun Sun
The new Study Tour Committee has been formed! »

They will organise the study tour for 2020.

These five people will organise the study tour in the following positions:

  • Chairman: Julik Keijer

  • Treasurer: Luc Jansen

  • Research Coordinator: Darrell Tufto

  • Travel Coordinator: Jens van der Meer

  • External Affairs: Sieta de Jong

F.l.t.r. Jens, Luc, Julik, Darrell, Sieta

27 May Mon
Changed opening hours Ascension Day »

Due to Ascension Day, the Inter-Actief room will not maintain regular opening hours on Thursday May 30th and Friday May 31st.

Starting Monday, June 3rd, the room will be open again from 9:00 till 16:00 in accordance with our normal opening hours.

19 May Sun
Symposium committee 2020! »

The Symposium committee of study year 2019/2020 has been announced!

The function division is as follows:

Emma Sloot - Chairman
Rosan Maas - Secretary and Promotion
Willem Schooltink - Treasurer
Carlijn Meijerink - Speakers
Michael Janssen - External Affairs & Website
Ivo Broekhof - Logistics

F.l.t.r. Ivo, Carlijn, Rosan, Emma, Willem & Michael

17 May Fri
Educational Bouquet - Rom Langerak »

Rom Langerak received the education bouquet on the 17th of May.

Rom is responsible for the course Algorithms & Data Structures (ADS) and part of the tutorials of Abstract Algebra in Module 7 of TCS: Discrete Structures & Efficient Algorithms.

Rom is the reason that many students kicked themselves out of bed for ADS lectures and dragged themselves to the Algebra tutorials. Hij presents the topics in a light way and knows how to make the topics easily approachable for students. This way he keeps students motivated. This way of teaching is acknowledged by the students via the education bouquet!

Rom Langerak receives the educational bouquet

Do you know someone who is extremely committed to improve the quality of education or is always willing to help students without hesitation? Then, what are you waiting for? Nominate him or her for the education bouquet! Think for example of a teacher who gives extra lectures or a student assistent who is making hours in overtime to help each and everyone of you! You can nominate someone by going to this page.

Overview of awarded bouquets

15 May Wed
Looking for: student assessor EEMCS »

Do you want to defend the interests of all EEMCS students for one year?

Do you want to defend the interests of all students of the faculty for one year? Do you want to gain experience in management and governance and learn about the ins and outs of the faculty and the university? Do you want to build up a professional network, both inside and outside of the faculty? Apply for the position of student assessor!

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS) is looking for a new student assessor (student member) as of 1-9-2019 to be part of the faculty board. The board consists of the dean, the portfolio holders Education, Research and Operations and the student assessor.

What does the student assessor do? The student assessor is a valuable link between the faculty and the students. As a student member you advise the Faculty Board on the faculty policy, in particular related to education, student affairs and internationalisation. You work closely with students and staff of the faculty and university. In addition, you take on your own projects that benefit the interests of the students within the faculty. You actively participate in the meetings of the faculty board.

You keep yourself informed of national developments in the field of education and maintain contact with the student members of the faculty council, the Study Associations, other assessors (both UT and national), the Student Union, the University Council and other relevant parties. By doing so, you represent the faculty both within the UT community and outside of it.

For whom? We are looking for an enthusiastic student who:

  • Studies at one of our faculty’s bachelor or master programs;
  • Wants to defend the interest of the faculty’s students for one year;
  • Knows what’s on the students’ minds and is able to advise the board on this;
  • Is interested in education, student affairs and administrative processes;
  • Is communicative and likes to share his/her opinion with others;
  • Has a good sense of integrity and can properly deal with confidential information;
  • Preferably has experience with board membership or the university/faculty council.

Appointment The appointment as a student assessor runs from September 1, 2019 to September 1, 2020. During this period, you will need to spend around 6 hours per week to fulfill all the student assessor tasks. Most of these hours can be used/planned flexibly. For your work as a student assessor, you receive a fixed compensation of € 150 per month in accordance with the FOBOS regulation.

Interested? For more information or questions you can contact the current student assessor, Lynn Bruins, via student-facultyboard-ewi@utwente.nl.

Send your CV and accompanying letter of motivation to the student members of EEMCS faculty council via a.vanwilligen@utwente.nl no later than 27 May 2019. The student members of the faculty council nominate the suitable candidates. The faculty board selects the new student assessor and asks the Executive Board of the UT to appoint the assessor.

29 Apr Mon
Follow Inter-Actief on Instagram! »

From now on you can also follow Inter-Actief on Instagram! For various nice IA messages, start following instagram.com/inter.actief now!

On Instagram we will post all sorts of activities, drinks and other interesting things that happen at Inter-Actief! Interested? Scan the code and follow us!


15 Apr Mon
Changed opening hours Good Friday & Easter Monday »

Due to the the Easter weekend, the Inter-Actief room will not maintain regular opening hours on Good Friday (April 19th) and Easter Monday (April 22nd).

Starting Tuesday, April 23rd, the room will be open again from 9:00 till 16:00 in accordance with our normal opening hours.

11 Apr Thu
Programming vacancy »

Development project in programming education seeks student assistants

The EEMCS faculty is looking for student assistants who want to be involved in a development project that will commence in May 2019. The aim of the proposed project is to create a learning platform for students, student assistants, and lecturers of CreaTe, tailored to the needs of a programming course. It will include features that are expected from common code review systems, such as version control and threaded inline discussion of code. It will additionally include social media style mechanisms for discussions of individual projects within a community of students, student assistants and lecturers.

We are looking for frontend and backend developers who meet the following criteria • Can commit for one semester, or preferably more. • Have an interest in Programming Education. • Have experience with tutoring in programming courses. • Demonstrable experience with developing either the frontend or the backend or both of web-based systems. • Are familiar with standard tools for software development.

You will be employed as a student assistant via UT flex, and the number of hours will comparable with that of a usual student assistantship. You will be closely working with the teaching team in CreaTe programming courses. If you are interested or have further questions please contact Ansgar Fehnker (ansgar.fehnker@utwente.nl)

03 Apr Wed
Looking for: Study Tour Committee members »

Where will you go next?

Are you interested in organising the next study tour of Inter-Actief or want more information regarding the Study Tour Committee? Send a mail to board@inter-actief.net

Where will you go next?

02 Apr Tue
The candidate board for 2019/2020 has been announced! »

The candidate board for 2019/2020 has been announced!

The candidate board for the next year is as follows:

Chairman - Kevin Witlox
Secretary - Reinier Stribos
Treasurer - Gerrit-Willem Smit
Internal affairs - Denise den Hartog
External affairs - Patrick van Oerle
Educational affairs - Danique Lummen

The candidate board for 2019-2020

01 Apr Mon
[April Fools] Worries about new alcohol covenant, municipality announces more frequent checks »

Last summer the new alcohol covenant entered into force at the UT. The effects of this are now clearly visible and are worrying.

In response, the municipality of Enschede has announced that it will carry out additional checks.

Since the new alcohol covenant entered into force, drinking a beer behind while bartending has been forbidden, which led to a lot of protest from various UT associations because this would seriously affect the drink culture. Finding bartenders would be impossible, no one would like to spend hours behind the bar without being able to drink along.

Now, half a year later, this effect does not seem to work out as was thought earlier. After a recent conversation with a special officer of the municipality, students have shown solidarity with the bartenders and starting 1st of April 2019 only non-alcoholic beverages will be provided in the drinking rooms on campus.

The municipality has announced that they are not happy with this and will go into discussion with the association boards. "So much sugar is very unhealthy for young adults whose brains are still developing," said a spokesperson. "Diabetes is an increasingly common illness among young people, and we find that a very worrying development."

This development does not only occur in Enschede, other cities recognize the problems. In the National Prevention Agreement, the Association of Dutch Universities, the VSNU, says that universities are working towards an effective drink policy. Inter-Actief welcomes the initiative. ”We will compare the results of the national survey with our current policy to see what else we can do on campus to encourage students to use sugar responsibly. In doing this we are working together with the boards of the study and student associations, who are also positive about these national developments” says chairman Jelle van den Wijngaard.

31 Mar Sun
Do-group parents wanted! »

Did you enjoy the last Kick-in? Do you want to introduce new students to the university? Then we are looking for you!

The Kick-IT is looking for new do-group parents and do-group to deliver the best experience to the new students. We are looking for old do-groups to return, as well as new do-groups. If you want to create a do-group with your friends, now is your chance. You can enroll your do-group at tinyurl.com/iadogroupparents. Enrollment for do-groups starts the 1st of April at 12:00. For new do-groups we use a first come, first serve principle, so be sure to enroll your do-group. If you have any further questions, you can send them to kick-it19@inter-actief.net.

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