06 Sep Wed
The 39th board of I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief »

On the 5th of September 2017, the 39th board of I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief was appointed.

The board was composed as follows:

  • Wouter Kobes (Chairman)
  • Jotte Sonneveld (Secretary and Officer of Internal affairs)
  • Joanne Spijker (Treasurer)
  • Florian Mansvelder (Officer of external affairs)
  • Lindsay Kempen (Officer of educational affairs)

17 Jul Mon
Registration Procedure Design Project and Research Project »

As of the academic year 2017-2018, the registration for the final semester modules Design Project and Research Project takes place via a web form.

Here is the link to the web form.

You can register for a final semester module till two weeks before the start of the module. For the module Design Project Q1 2017-2018 the registration deadline is Sunday August 20th 24:00 hour.

After you have registered, the bureau of educational affairs (BOZ) will check whether you fulfill the pre-requisites for the final semester module. The pre-requisites are you have completed all compulsory modules plus your elective module (120 EC excluding ECs minor modules).

If you have fulfilled this requirement, BOZ will enroll you for the module you have registered. If you are in the process of completing your last module, the programme coordinator will check with the module coordinator if you are expected to pass this module, before approving enrollment for the final semester module.

If you are not expected to pass your last compulsory module and as a result experience a (large) gap in your study plan, contact your study adviser.

17 Jul Mon
Hearing Binding Recommendation (BSA) »

The programme management will send its intended Binding Recommendations to its first-year students per e-mail around August 13th. Hearings can be requested for negative BRs.

See the webpage of Student Services for more information about the Binding Study Advice and the consequences it may have for you.

If you feel you have wrongfully received a negative Binding Recommendation, you can request a hearing by the programme management within 5 working days after the date you have received the Binding Recommendation. You can send your application to: secr_ow@utwente.nl.

The hearings will take place on Thursday August 24th. The hearing committee will inform you about your final Binding Recommendation no later than Friday August 25th. The decision could be to maintain the negative Binding Recommendation or a revised positive Binding Recommendation.

In case of personal circumstances, we would like to remind you of the 1 July deadline for applying for an assessment of your personal circumstances by the Committee Personal Circumstances (CPO). Please check the procedure on the website of the CPO.

07 Jul Fri
Summer holiday »

The Summer holiday has begun! This means that the room by default will be closed.

You can of course still contact the board by mailing to board@inter-actief.net or personally contacting a board member. From the 4th of September onwards we will be opened again during the regular hours.

We wish you happy holiday and hope to see you next academic year!

26 Jun Mon
Office open from 10am during exam weeks »

During the exam weeks (26 June - 7 Juli), the Inter-Actief room will be open from 10:00-16:00.


19 Jun Mon
The new Study Tour Committee! »

The new Study Tour Committee has been formed!

Seven heroes will organize the next study tour in 2018. The function division is as follows:

  • Chairman - Sytse Hartvelt
  • Treasurer - Olaf Haalstra
  • Research coordinator - Aron van Harten
  • Travel coordinator - Joeri Kock
  • Travel coordinator - Diederik Bakker
  • External affairs - Hans van der Laan
  • External affairs - Jasper Sustronk

22 May Mon
New study tour committee »

Inter-Actief is looking for people to set up the study tour of 2018!

Would you like to organize this journey to a faraway country? Then send a mail to board@inter-actief.net to apply or to ask any questions you might have. You can apply until Sunday 28 May.

21 May Sun
New symposium committee formed! »

The new symposium committee has been formed!

Six heroes will organize the symposium of 2018. The function division is as follows:

  • Chairwoman - Danique Lummen
  • Secretary - Kevin Witlox
  • Treasurer - Kitty Boersma
  • Speakers - Jelle van den Wijngaard
  • External affairs - Frank van Mourik
  • Logistics/Promotion - Yoeri Otten

01 May Mon
Procedure master enrollment »

Do you want to enrol for a master, but aren't you sure how to do this? All the information can be found by clicking on the URL below!

All the information can be found by clicking on the URL below!

Master enrollment

26 Apr Wed
Room closed on King's Day »

On April 27th the room will be closed due to King's Day. We hope to see you again on April 28th!

You can still reach the board via contact@inter-actief.net.

01 Apr Sat
April Fools' joke: Selection of new members »

We have seen a strong onrush in the number of students and this will continue in the upcoming years.

To manage this, we unfortunately have to select our members in the future. This selection procedure will take place during the Kick-In by doing interviews. Since we as a board do not have the time and manpower to do the interviews by everyone, we are looking for people who can help us with this. Are you interested? Please send an email to board@inter-actief.net!

27 Mar Mon
UT Minor Information Market »

On Wednesday 29th March 2017 the UT Minor Information Market will take place in the Vrijhof building from 10 until 16 h.

During this event you can get information about the many possibilities in taking a minor the UT will offer in 2017-2018. More information on www.utwente.nl/minor.

The subscription deadline for the minor is the 12th of May!

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