02 Sep Wed
The 42nd board of I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief »

The 42nd board of I.C.T.S.V. has been appointed!

At the GMM of 1 September 2020, the 41st board made way for its successors. The 42nd board has been charged as follows:

  • Chairman - Jelle Maas
  • Secretary and Officer of educational affairs - Willem Schooltink
  • Treasurer - Tom Grooters
  • Officer of internal affairs - Lars van Arkel
  • Officer of external affairs - Gilian Schrijver

Board 42 From left to right: Lars, Willem, Jelle, Tom, Gilian

31 Aug Mon
Service desk in Educafé »

Unfortunately we are not able to receive members in our association room. This, of course, does not mean you cannot come to us.

Inter-Actief has set up a service desk in the Educafé, in collaboration with Scintilla and Abacus. You can come to us there with all you questions.

We hope to see you all soon!

18 Aug Tue
Obituary Dr. Harry Aarts »

With pain in our hearts we inform you that the beloved Harry Aarts has passed away at the age of 59, on Sunday the 9th of August.

Harry was an enthusiastic Mathematics professor beloved by many students, because of his enthusiastic teaching style and patient support for all students. Harry had worked at the university for almost 25 years, at the EEMCS faculty.

Within Inter-Actief Harry Aarts was so well appreciated that he managed to win almost every Computer Science teaching award for which he was nominated. For this reason a special clause had to be added to the award that stated professors could only be nominated every other year, the so-called "Harry Aarts" clause.

We will miss Harry dearly, with his friendly smile, and his clear passion for teaching.

Everyone has the opportunity to share their memories and stories of Harry via this website.

Our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

On behalf of the Board of Inter-Actief.

17 Jul Fri
Lustrum theme announced! »

The theme for next year's lustrum has been announced!

The 8th lustrum of Inter-Actief will take you on a trip down memory lane, reliving the moments and memories that brought us to where we are now. We will celebrate 40 years of history and together we will create new memories in a year filled with activities and entertainment. The pixels that create our association - that’s what this lustrum is about.

You can find the theme announcement here!

11 Jun Thu
Yearbook/Almanac committee: Members wanted! »

For the upcoming year, the candidate board is looking into setting up a yearbook/almanac committee.

This committee will be responsible for the development of an awesome yearbook/almanac that displays everything that Inter-Actief has had to offer throughout the year(s), for example with information on members, committees, activities, etc. It should provide members with an item that brings back amazing memories whenever they read it through in the future. As long as that goal is kept in mind, there is lots of freedom when it comes to the actual contents.

If you are interested in joining the committee that will be responsible for creating such a memorable piece of Inter-Actief's history, do not hesitate and send an email to board@inter-actief.net!

19 May Tue
Educational Bouquet Q3 »

To thank all teachers for their hard work in quickly switching to online education, the teachers of Q3 have all been awarded an educational bouquet!

The past few weeks our education has been vastly different than before. Lectures are online instead of in lecture halls, tests have been changed so they can be taken remotely and everyone is now working from home.

This massive change required some effort from students, but more importantly, it required an enormous amount of adaptability from the teachers. Within the span of a week, they were able to completely change their courses and modules to an online version where students could continue learning, albeit from their own homes. Of course, there were some hiccups along the way and everything isn’t perfect, but the overall way everything has been adapted to online education is great!

Over the past weeks, we have received lots of messages of praise for different teachers on the responsiveness and adaptability of entire module teams as well as specific teachers. Other messages specifically state the quality of the online lectures. Because all teachers of Q3 have worked incredibly hard to still give the students the education they deserve, even in these troubling times, we think that all of them deserve an educational bouquet for their hard work!

As there are so many teachers, we created a slightly different version of our normal 'educational bouquet'; a card with a message from the students which can be planted to create a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which will be sent to all teachers as soon as possible!

All teachers who will be receiving the educational bouquet: Pieter-Tjerk de Boer, Geert Heijenk, Bernd Meijerink, Rico van Lingen, Evonne van Genderen, Marc Uetz, Faizan Ahmed, Carlos Budde, Ruben Hoeksma, Jasper de Jong, Walter Kern, Stefan Klootwijk, Rom Langerak, Bodo Manthey, Lerna Pehlivan, Jan Willem Polderman, Victor Reijnders, Alexander Skopalik, Yeray Barrios Fleitas, Ansgar Fehnker, Luis Ferreira Pires, Jeroen Klein Brinke, Patrick Smith, Jeff White, Sage Cammers-Goodwin, Maurice van Keulen, Christin Seifert, Andreas Peter, Tom van Dijk, Marco Bekooij, Marielle Stoelinga, Djurre van der Wal, Marianne Junger, Nicola Strisciuglio, Mannes Poel, Faiza Bukhsh, Elena Mocanu, Karin Groothuis-Oudshoorn, Anna Sperotto, Aiko Pras, Jair Cardoso de Santanna, Maarten Everts, Jasper Goseling, Joost Pieter Katoen, Marcus Gerhold, Marieke Huisman, Susan Bayhan, Leon de Vries, João Moreira, Wallace Corbo Ugulino, Marten van Sinderen, Rob Bemthuis, Adina Aldea, Asad Abdiesfandani, Anton Stoorvogel, Martijn Koot, Heather Wilson, Lucas Meertens, Jos van Hillegersberg, Efthymios Constantinides, Lesley Broos, Abhista Abhistha, Verena Schulze Greiving-Stimberg, Joyce van Baaren, Hans Moonen, Ellen van Oost, Maya Daneva, João Luis Moreira, Daniel Smits, Olivia Plant, Bart Nieuwenhuis, Guido Bruinsma, Mike Monson

Do you know someone who is extremely committed to improve the quality of education or is always willing to help students without hesitation? Then, what are you waiting for? Nominate him or her for the education bouquet! Think for example of a teacher who gives extra lectures or a student assistent who is making hours in overtime to help each and everyone of you! You can nominate someone by going to this page.

Overview of awarded bouquets

17 May Sun
Symposium committee 2021! »

The Symposium committee of study year 2020/2021 has been announced!

The function division is as follows:

Wesley Joosten - Chair

Matthias Wentink - Secretary & Promotion

Max Jeltes - Treasurer

Niek Pennings - Speakers

Pim Mulder - External & Website

Bram van Dartel - External

Bart Leenheer - Logistic

Symposium committee 2021

10 Apr Fri
The candidate board for 2020/2021 has been announced! »

The candidate board for 2020/2021 has been announced!

The candidate board for the next year is as follows:

Chairman - Jelle Maas
Secretary/Education affairs - Willem Schooltink
Treasurer - Tom Grooters
Internal affairs- Lars van Arkel
External affairs- Gilian Schrijver

Het kandidaat-bestuur voor 2020-2021

01 Apr Wed
[April Fools] New UT rules considering online drinks »

The University of Twente seems to have found out about study associations finding ways to avoid the alcohol convenant.

Since the University buildings have closed, associations have tried alternatives to have their weekly drinks online. However, research found out that 60-70% of the online drink attendees live on campus, resulting in the activity to be considered on campus following UT rules. In addition, people are serving drinks themselves while being far from sober, besides not having a valid IVA certificate. The UT considers this as violation of the alcohol convenant, and has therefore decided not to allow any more alcoholic beverages during online drinks via Discord, Google Meet, Skype and other online video platforms.

Unfortunately, Inter-Actief sees no other option than to follow these new rules set by the University. We will therefore no longer allow beer or other alcoholic beverages during our online drinks, but we will leave the online Abscint on the Inter-Actief Discord server open to have a chat while enjoying a non-alcoholic beer or soda. Naturally, we hope that the UT buildings will be opened again soon, so we can finally go back to our beloved Abscint to have a real, non-virtual beer!

Stay safe, and stay home!

Kevin, Reinier, Gerrit-Willem, Denise, Patrick and Danique.

20 Mar Fri
Updates regarding Corona #2 »

We would like to give you an update regarding all the measures taken by Inter-Actief against the coronavirus (COVID-19)

In consequence of the press conference about the extra measures against the COVID-19 virus, as given by Minister Bruins of Medical Care and Sports and Minister Slob of Primary and Secondary Education and Media, we decided to extend the previously shared measures concerning Inter-Actief until the 6th of April.

Closure extended

All university buildings with the exception of Spiegel will be closed until the 6th of April. This also means that your building authorization that you may have obtained via Inter-Actief as an active member, has been blocked. The Spiegel is available for studying to those who are not in a position to study at home.

By extension, this measure means that all activities until the 6th of April will be cancelled in the same manner as the previously cancelled activities, and that the Inter-Actief room will also be closed until the 6th of April.

Study advisors

We understand that you might have many questions regarding your educational programme. Therefore, we would like to remind you that the study advisors Ellen, Rianne and Lilian are still available during the closure of university facilities. If you have any questions regarding education, they are there to answer your questions. You can make an appointment at https://ewi.planner.utwente.nl/.


As some of you may already know, Inter-Actief has its very own Discord server. Although originally hosted primarily for gaming, its use has now been expanded into a platform for the entire association. On the server you can meet up in the digital association room, have a drink, or work in one of the digital project rooms. The server can be found here.

Other Notes

We would also like to stress that you should follow all the measures and advice given by the government and the RIVM. Only then will we be able to resume a normal lifestyle in the Netherlands as soon as possible.

For future updates, we would like to refer you to the news-page on the website.

An email will be sent to all our members when there are big changes in the current measures. Until then, we will keep the news-page of Inter-Actief as updated as possible with the latest information.

Take care of yourselves, consider everything you do twice, and we hope to welcome you again as soon as possible in the Inter-Actief room!

Kind regards,

Kevin, Reinier, Gerrit-Willem, Denise, Patrick & Danique

19 Mar Thu
LuCie has been formed »

The new Lustrum Committee has been formed! Together they will organize all activities regarding the 8th lustrum of Inter-Actief!

The function division is as follows

Frank van Mourik - Chairman

Michael Janssen - Secretary

Niels de Groot - Treasurer

Kitty Boersma - Promotion

Jasper Sustronk - Logistics

Gilian Schrijver - External Affairs


13 Mar Fri
Updates regarding Corona »

We would like to inform you about the measures Inter- Actief is taking in accordance with the guidelines set by the UT and RIVM regarding the corona virus (COVID-19).

Inter-Actief room

Today the decision has been made that all educational buildings at the University of Twente will be closed until the 23rd of March. This means that in the upcoming week, the University is not available for studying or project meetings. No educational activities will be held, including examination, lectures (both physical and digital), and tutorial sessions. In accordance with the UT, the Inter-Actief association room will be closed until the 23rd of March. During this time the board will be accessible for questions via e-mail at board@inter-actief.net. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Upcoming activities cancelled

All activities starting from now until the end of March will be cancelled. If you have signed up for any activities you will be automatically signed out and you will not have to worry about paying for these activities. For activities on a later date we are still unsure on whether they will continue. As soon as we know more information regarding this we will communicate this to all our members.

What happens next?

The University has made the decision to halt educational activities for next week. The reason for this is to adapt the education to these new circumstances. Study advisers are still available. Meetings will be held via phone and you can still schedule meetings via the online planner. The University is looking into possible consequences the closure might have for the study progress of our students (e.g. concerning BSA). As of right now, there is no need to worry about these kinds of issues.

More information regarding the measures the UT is taking can be found on the UT corona page here. As soon as new information arises that has impact on our activities and/or members we will send out another email. If you have any questions regarding how Inter-Actief is reacting to these measures and to new information you can contact the board.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

Kind regards, Kevin, Reinier, Gerrit-Willem, Denise, Patrick & Danique

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