31 Mar Wed
The candidate board for 2021/2022 has been announced! »

The candidate board for 2021/2022 has been announced!

The candidate board for the next year is as follows:

Chairman - Bart Leenheer
Secretary - Wouter Suidgeest
Treasurer - Wesley Joosten
Internal Affairs - Bram van Dartel
External Affairs - Michael Janssen
Educational Affairs - Rosan Maas


from left to right: Rosan, Bram, Wouter, Bart, Wesley, Michael

26 Mar Fri
BNNVARA Cybersecurity Documentary »

BNNVARA is making a documentary about cybersecurity and is looking for students with knowledge on the topic.

Are you a Cybersecurity student, or do you have an affinity with the subject? The Dutch broadcasting company BNNVARA is looking for you! BNNVARA is making a documentairy and they are looking for students who can help them in the process.

If you are interested in this, send a mail to board@inter-actief.net.

22 Mar Mon
Faculty council interest lunch »

Are you curious what the Faculty Council is all about?

Are you interested in joining the EEMCS faculty council next year? Then come to this information session to find out everything! The information session will take place on the 26th of March from 13:00 until 13:00, and you can join using this link.

15 Mar Mon
Minute-taker vacancy »

The Programme Committee of Computer Science is looking for a minutes maker for their meetings starting of September 2021.

The PC-CS meet once a month from September to July, the meetings will last from 10.45 AM to 12.45 PM. The meetings of the PC-CS are in English and the minutes will also have to be taken in English.

As minute-taker you will recieve a compensation for your time.

If you are interested or if you have any questions, send an email to boz-tcs@utwente.nl.

12 Mar Fri
Inter-Actief celebrates its 8th lustrum! »

On March 12th, 1981, Inter-Actief was founded, and so, today, we celebrate the 8th lustrum of our association!

The Lustrum committee has worked towards this day for some time now, and has prepared some nice festivities for you to take part in, even during these weird corona times.

Of course, the birthday boy or girl hands out treats. So, this morning, you can send in your name and address at https://ictsv.nl/secret and a LuCie member might drop by to drop of a present! Furthermore, this afternoon we would like to gather on Discord to toast to the Lustrum together at 4 o’clock. Make sure to be online a bit before 16:00 as our toast will be live at 16:00 at https://ictsv.nl/lustrumsalute!

Lastly, tonight, we organize the Thales Mixelate Workshop. After the success of the previous online cocktail workshop a lot of people requested another one, so we have arranged for our master mixer and bartender Prem to guide you through the workshop tonight. Make sure you check whether all ingredients have been provided to you beforehand, and if not, send us an email at info@lustrumpixelate.nl. The workshop starts at 20:00 and a link to the stream will be provided tonight!

Congrats on the Lustrum and we hope you have a great day!

08 Mar Mon
Looking for mentors! »

The faculty is looking for students who want to help in getting freshmen through this socially though year.

This year has shown to be exceptionally tough on the social life of many students. The faculty is looking for students who are willing to help freshmen by making sure they’re okay and listen to their troubles.

As part of this job, you will join a committee from the faculty which organizes events for freshmen and will mentor them in one-on-one talks. As part of this committee, you will get a monetary compensation for your time.

We are looking for 2nd year, or older students, who are good at communication, have some organizational skills, and can take initiative. In this committee you will be working closely with the study advisors.

Are you a student who wants to help freshmen get through these socially tough times? Contact us via contact@inter-actief.net

26 Feb Fri
Kick-IT 2021 formed »

The Kick-IT committee for 2021 has been formed. Together, they will organise the faculty part of the Kick-In.

The function division is as follows:

Pim Mulder - Chairman

David Vos - Secretary & treasurer

Tessa van Leeuwen - Logistics

Duru Kocak - Do-group market & activities

Wander Stribos - Integration & activities

Mihnea Udrea - Bachelor days & activists

De Kick-IT commissie

From top to bottom, left to right: Pim, David, Wander, Michnea, Tessa, Duru, Lars

25 Feb Thu
Inter-Actief Decentralized Educational Awards »

Vote now for the lecturer you think deserves who you think deserves to win the Inter-Actief Decentralized Educational Award!

IDEA Awards

You might already know that in every module we have an educational bouquet. However, this is not the only award we give out. Every year we also have the Inter-Actief Decentralized Educational Award, IDEA for short. This award is independent of the modules and instead is aimed specifically at the lecturers overall.

After the nominations are in, we will have a second round with the top 3 most nominated professors. The winner of the second round will also be nominated for the university-wide educational award. For this we need your help, if you know of a lecturer that deserves such an award, you can fill out the form below to nominate them.

Form link: https://forms.gle/j4YWrJBZbhi6uEft6

19 Feb Fri
Not 1 but 2 Educational Bouquets »

There are two winners of the educational bouquet of module 2: Dr. Wallace Ugulino, and Dr. Kevin Macnish.

Module 2 has ended, and you have voted en masse for the teachers you thought deserved the educational bouquet. This time, there is not one, but two winners of the educational bouquet: Dr. Wallace Ugulino for BIT module 2, and Dr. Kevin Macnish for his Computer Ethics master course.

Students have indicated that both teachers worked really well with online teaching and kept in contact with the students to help them where needed.

De educational bouCAKE for dr. Ugulino

02 Feb Tue
National Student Survey »

The National Student Survey is open again this year! Fill in your experiences about your study and help the university maintain the quality of our studies!

Through the National Student Survey you can share your opinions about your programme and the university. With your help, the university can maintain and improve the quality of education and the university in general. So take your chance to shape our university and fill in your answers here! Who knows, you might win one of the nice prizes.

19 Jan Tue
Educational bouquet - Dr. Dertien »

On the 19th of January dr. Dertien has been awarded the first educational bouCAKE!

This year our first educational bouquet (or actually educational bouCAKE) has been awarded to dr. Edwin Dertien. Dr. Dertien has been nominated the most for the educational bouquet of the first quartile. The students have his lectures have been very clear, well edited and of high quality. Keep up the good work!

Unfortunately we were not able to hand over the bouquet in person, but the Education Committee has come up with a nice alternative!

The educational bouCAKE for dr. Dertien

Do you know someone who is extremely committed to improve the quality of education or is always willing to help students without hesitation? Then, what are you waiting for? Nominate him or her for the education bouquet! Think for example of a teacher who gives extra lectures or a student assistent who is making hours in overtime to help each and everyone of you! You can nominate someone by going to this page.

Overview of awarded bouquets

18 Jan Mon
Module 7 looking for TAs [Positions Filled] »

Module 7 will start on February 1, and the module coordinator are looking for TA’s to help with Python and the Graph Isomorphism Project.

UPDATE: Thank you for your help! There are now enough TAs found for the module, you do not have to contact Ruben anymore.

If you are interested in being a TA for this module, you can send a mail to Ruben Hoeksema at r.p.hoeksma@utwente.nl. Please indicate your suitability (e.g. Python experience and/or good grades for Module 7) and availability.

The module coordinators are looking for TAs for the following dates: Python: Feb 4, 5, 10 and 11: 6+7, 8+9, Feb 16: 3+4 Project: Feb 17, Mar 4, 10, 17, 24, 31, Apr 7, 12: 6+7, Apr 13: 1-4

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