09 Jun Thu
Vacancy student assessor »

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS) is looking for a new student assessor as of Sept 1, 2022 to be part of the faculty board.

Do you want to defend the interests of all students of the faculty for one year? Do you want to gain experience in management and governance and learn about the ins and outs of the faculty and the university? Do you want to build up a professional network, both inside and outside of the faculty? Apply for the position of student assessor! The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS) is looking for a new student assessor as of September 1, 2022 to be part of the faculty board.

What does the student assessor do?

Within the Faculty Board, the Student Assessor represents a student perspective. The Student Assessor has an advisory role in the board, is expected to actively attend board meetings, and is an important channel for enhancing its interaction with the student population. Depending on personal interest and skills, the Student Assessor can take on specific tasks in consultation with the Faculty Board. Furthermore, the accessibility of the Student Assessor enables the Student Assessor to assist on various topics like UT strategy days, internationalisation, etc. The Student Assessor can also support the Office for Educational Support, as well as take part in Institutional Review Quality Assurance procedures. The function of a Student Assessor contains proactive and reactive components. The proactive components include attending all meetings of the Faculty Board, and the Faculty Council, suggesting agenda topics for the board meetings, actively advising on student related topics and keeping in touch with various study bodies. The reactive component includes the representative role of the Student Assessor, where they provide the student perspective e.g. at UT strategy days. Depending on personal interest and skills, the Student Assessor can take on specific tasks in consultation with the Faculty Board,

For whom?

We are looking for an enthusiastic student who:

  • Studies at one of our faculty’s bachelor or master programs;

  • Is able to maintain relationships with various stakeholders within the faculty, and university. These include the study associations, assessors from other faculties, study advisors, etc.

  • Wants to defend the interest of the faculty’s students for one year;

  • Knows what’s on the students’ minds and is able to advise the board on this;

  • Is interested in education, student affairs and administrative processes;

  • Is communicative and likes to share his/her opinion with others;

  • Has a good sense of integrity and can properly deal with confidential information;


The appointment as a student assessor runs from September 1, 2022 to October 1, 2023. During this period, you will need to spend around 8 hours per week to fulfill all the student assessor tasks. Most of these hours can be used/planned flexibly. For your work as a student assessor, you receive a fixed compensation of € 330 net per month.


For more information or questions you can contact the current student assessor, Grace Iroagalachi via g.c.iroagalachi@student.utwente.nl Send your CV and accompanying letter of motivation to the student members of the EEMCS faculty council via eemcs-facultycouncil@utwente.nl no later than 27 June 2022. The student members of the faculty council will nominate suitable candidates. The faculty board selects the new student assessor in June and asks the Executive Board of the UT to appoint the assessor

25 May Wed
The new Symposium Committee! »

Today the new Symposium Committee has been formed! We proudly present the 6 members who will organise next year's Symposium!


  • Krisiyan Dimitrov - Chairman
  • Duru Kocak - Secretary & Website
  • Wander Stribos - Treasurer
  • Tessa van Belois - Speakers & Promotion
  • Hein Huijskes - External Affairs
  • Maarten Marcusse - Logistics

10 May Tue
Looking for a Minutes taker [paid] »

A message from the BITOC (program committee BIT):

We are looking for a student who is willing to make minutes of the meetings of the Programme Committee BIT (BITOC).

For this activity we are looking for a student who is concerned, and, preferably, who has some experience in making (English) minutes, and is registered as BIT -student (bachelor or master). The minutes secretary cannot be a member of the BITOC.

There are 7-8 meetings per year. The meetings take place on Thursday afternoon from 12.45 until approximately 14.30 hr. The minutes secretary will receive a compensation. He/she will have a UT Flex appointment and can claim expenses for worked hours.

In case you have any questions about this position you can contact the chairman Luis Ferreira Pires or the undersigned email.

In case you are interested, please send your application at the latest May 23, 2022 to boz-bit@utwente.nl.

21 Apr Thu
IDEA winner »

A couple of weeks ago the internal competition of the yearly teacher awards took place.

And we have a winner!

With an overwhelming amount of votes and many loving words from students he won!

Wallace Corbo Ugulino!

Congrats to him and we wish him the best of luck in the university-wide competition!

05 Apr Tue
The candidate board for 2022/2023 has been announced »

The candidate board for 2022/2023 has been announced!

The candidate board for the next year is as follows:

  • Chairman - Oliver Davies
  • Secretary - Maarten Meijer
  • Treasurer - Jochem Bleeker
  • Internal affairs - Quirijn Hoenink
  • External affairs - Wout Velthuis
  • Educational affairs - Niels Rotmensen
  • Vice chairman - Mariska Frelier

You can reach them at cb2223@inter-actief.net.


f.l.t.r. Niels, Quirijn, Maarten, Oliver, Jochem, Wout, Mariska

01 Apr Fri
[April fools] First expense of the profit plan »

Inter-Actief has made her first large expense in accordance with the profit plan. We're looking forward to the many varying use cases of our new possession.

Due to the lack of activities and other expenses during the covid crisis, Inter-Actief has built up a reasonable profit. As discussed at the last general meeting of members, the association will therefore try to reduce its assets with several major expenses. Further plans will be elaborated at, for example, the input session of next Wednesday.

However, the board is also within its rights to make such expenses outside the strategic plan of the input session. For example, last week an enormously advantageous came across our path, which could not be missed. We are proud to present what we have been able to spend the first part of the profit on:

Foto van de nieuwe bierfiets

15 Mar Tue
Room closed on the 16th of March »

The Inter-Actief room is closed on the 16th of March because of Symposium Zephyrus in Kinepolis in Enschede.

Starting the 17th of March the room will be open again from 09:00 till 16:00 in accordance with our normal opening hours.

14 Feb Mon
COVID update »

Due to a large number of infections, we'd like to repeat the advice to stay home if you have any symptoms and to do a self-test before coming to IA or any of our activities.

We've noticed a high number of infections among our members in the past week. In consultation with the local health services, we have decided to move the committee market from the 16th of February to the 2nd of March. Furthermore, other activities will continue and the Inter-Actief room will remain open throughout the entire week. However, we do want to ask everyone to be extra careful; stay home when you're experiencing any symptoms and do a self-test before coming to Inter-Actief or one of our activities.

10 Feb Thu
Looking for student assistants for the numerus fixus day »

We are looking for people that can help during the numerus fixus exam day (paid!)

on March 5th the numerus fixus exam for TCS will take place and because we obviously want to show our campus to these possible students as well, there are some more activities around this like a lunch and a small puzzlehunt-ish around campus. This day will run from 9:30 till 14:30 on Saturday March 5th. We are looking for students to help with this day. You will get paid through UTflex as it is work for the faculty!

If interested please contact me at education@inter-actief.net

02 Feb Wed
Remco Abraham wins the ENIAC Thesis Award 2020– 2021! »

On January 30th, 2022 Remco Abraham has received the ENIAC Thesis Award 2020-2021 for his thesis titled “Symbolic LTL Reactive Synthesis”.

A delegation of the ENIAC board visited Remco at home to hand over the big cheque (worth €500,-) and the physical trophy.

Tim Kemp with his Thesis Award

The jury consisted of Tim Kemp (winner last year, FMT), Pieter-Tjerk de Boer (DACS) and Luís Ferreira Pires (SCS). They scored all nominated theses on a number of criteria:

  • Scientific approach
  • Practical approach (“engineering approach”)
  • Difficulty of research
  • Readability and usability of thesis to specialists and computer scientists in general
  • Benefits of research / development for greater good

The jury had the following to say:

The jury agreed that all the nominations were of excellent quality, which made us proud of the work that is being performed by our Master students. It was interesting to notice that the nominated theses are quite diverse not only in terms of their application areas, techniques, and methodologies, but also their presentation and writing styles. This means that the selection of the award-winning thesis is a far from trivial process. After evaluating the theses for their scientific depth, practical importance, level of difficulty (complexity), readability and relevance, the jury unanimously selected Remco Abraham as the winner of the ENIAC thesis award 2020-2021!

The thesis is entitled ‘Symbolic LTL Reactive Synthesis’, and the relatively short title hides the complexity and comprehensiveness of the work. The thesis dives into mathematical theories like Linear Temporal Logic, w-automata and parity games, amongst others, without losing the attention of the reader. The text is extremely clear and properly illustrated with figures and diagrams, making it accessible for computer scientists with some basic knowledge of formal methods.

Remco combined different mathematical theories of computation in a new way and in great depth. The jury was impressed by the amount and the quality of innovative work performed in this thesis. In addition to the theoretical work, Remco also implemented these theories in a software tool where he implemented multiple techniques for the first time using a symbolic approach. The tool has been compared with another tool that is quite popular in this area on a common set of benchmarks, both showing its correctness and showing potential benefits in performance. The tool embodies the practical application of the results, making the work quite complete.

We congratulate Remco for this outstanding achievement!

Remco was nominated by the FMT group. Besides Remco, the other nominees were:

  • Chakshu Gupta – “HoneyKube: Designing a Honeypot Using Microservices-Based Architecture” (SCS)
  • Frank Ruis – “Independent Prototype Propagation Graph for Compositional Zero-Shot Recognition” (DMB)
  • Ricardo Ampudia – “Visible Light Positioning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” (PS)
  • Matthijs Souilljee – “Locating Selective Sweeps with Accelerated Convolutional Neural Networks” (CAES)
  • Rick de Vries – “Clash of Clangs: Differential Testing of srcML and Clang” (FMT)

We would like to thank the departments for the nominations and the jury for reading and grading the theses. We wish all nominees the best of luck with their future careers!

Original message: https://eniacalumni.wordpress.com/2022/01/31/remco-abraham-wins-the-eniac-thesis-award-2020-2021/

01 Feb Tue
Goodbye gift Arend »

To thank Arend for his work for the programme we gave him a gift.

As of this year, Arend has left us as programme director to start a new adventure within our faculty. To thank him for his time and efforts helping us try to make the best study for all of our students we made him a personalized gift. The students and staff wrote messages for him and the education committee bundled these together in a book.

Arend would like to thank all of the students and staff for this time and their nice messages.

Cadeau Arend

27 Jan Thu
Kick-IT 2022 formed! »

The Kick-IT committee for 2022 has been formed. Together, they will organise the faculty part of the Kick-In.

De function division is as follows:

Hella Janssen - Chairwoman

Niels Rotmensen - Secretary & Bachelor Day

Krisiyan Dimitrov - Treasurer

Wout Velthuis - Logistics

Mariska Frelier - Camp & Activists

Anamaria Ceban - Do-group market & Integration

The Kick-IT committee From left to right: Niels, Wout, Hella, Mariska, Anamaria, Krisiyan

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