21 May Fri
Inter-Actief survey »

For Inter-Actief, we would like to know more about our members, what you like about the association and how we can accomodate our members better.

To that end, we have created a survey to see what aspects of Inter-Actief you like, and what you think could improve. This survey helps us to improve the association for everyone.

Filling in the survey will not take more than 5 minutes, and it is not just for members of Inter-Actief. If you are not a member, we still value your opinion on why you are not a member (anymore).

You can find the survey at https://ictsv.nl/IAsurvey.

17 May Mon
Mentor Recruitment Kick-In 2021 »

Are you interested in participating in the Kick-In this summer to introduce a group of new Master students to the University of Twente? Sign up via the Kick-In website.

Dear Master Students,

Are you interested in participating in the Kick-In this summer to introduce a group of new Master students to the University of Twente? Then share your experiences and become a mentor for the Master Kick-In! Becoming a mentor is more important than ever, so sign up via the Kick-In website and take part in this unforgettable Kick-In!

The Master Kick-In 2021 will take place from the 29 th of August until the 2 nd of September, so just before the new academic year starts. In this unique, mostly physical programme, the new students get to know everything about the student life in Enschede. As a mentor, you will guide a group of Master students together with a fellow mentor through this exciting period. It is the task of the mentor to keep the group together, to provide information about studying at the UT, and to ‘take’ the students to the fun the Kick-In has to offer!

Being a mentor, you can participate in the Kick-In activities for free and you will have to opportunity to share your experiences with a new group of students, who may become best friends after the Kick-In. You can find more information and sign up via the following link: https://www.kick-in.nl/en/article/27.

We’re looking forward to your participation!
Best regards,
The Kick-In Committee 2021

17 May Mon
EEMCS is looking for a new student assessor »

Do you want to defend the interests of all students of the faculty for one year? Apply for the position of student assessor at our faculty!

Do you want to defend the interests of all students of the faculty for one year? Do you want to gain experience in management and governance and learn about the ins and outs of the faculty and the university? Do you want to build up a professional network, both inside and outside of the faculty? Apply for the position of student assessor at our faculty!

The faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science (EEMCS) is looking for a new student assessor (student member) as of 1-9-2021 to be part of the faculty board. The faculty board consists of the dean, the portfolio holders Education, Research and Operations, and the student assessor.

An elaborate description of the position can be downloaded here. For more information or questions you can contact the current student assessor, Danique Lummen, via d.l.m.lummen@student.utwente.nl.

Send your CV and accompanying letter of motivation to the student members of the EEMCS faculty council via eemcs-facultycouncil@utwente.nl no later than 28 May 2021. The student members of the faculty council will nominate suitable candidates. The faculty board selects the new student assessor in June and asks the Executive Board of the UT to appoint the assessor.

Faculty Board EEMCS

12 Apr Mon
IDEA results! »

After a close vote the results of the Inter-Actief Decentralised Educational Awards are in!

The three nominated teachers for the IDEA have provided you all with short lectures to convince you to vote for them! And voting you did; a lot of votes came in from you all! Now the polls are closed the results are in.

On first place: Vadim Zaytsev
Second place: Doina Bucur
Third place: Wallace Corbo Ugulino

Congratulations to all for being nominated for the IDEA, and to Vadim for getting to first place! We will make sure the trophies make their way to the teachers!

08 Apr Thu
Inter-Actief Decentralized Educational Awards »

The three top voted nominees are known, you can now see and vote for the one that you think deserves to win the IDEA the most! You can vote untill 11 April!

After a close vote on the nominees of the Inter-Actief Decentralised Educational Awards (IDEA) the three nominees are now known:
- Doina Bucur (video)
- Wallace Corbo Ugulino (video)
- Vadim Zaytsev (video)

Now it is time to vote for the teacher you think should win the IDEA! But maybe you don't know all of them yet, or you want a reminder as to what make their lectures so interesting. We've got you covered: all participants recorded a special short lecture for you all to look at.

So let your opinion be heard and vote here!

01 Apr Thu
Looking for students to help with Skype Matching! »

Matching meetings will soon take place for new applicants of our studies. We are looking for students to help with these meetings!

We are currently looking for people who would like to help us with the matching of all new TCS and BIT students. Applicants of the Bachelor’s programmes Technical Computer Science and Business Information Technology will be invited to an online Skype matching meeting in order to get a better understanding of the future study content. For these Skype meetings we are searching for TCS and BIT students who are interested in chatting with all our new applicants. During these meetings you’ll give a bit of information about what it is like to study TCS or BIT at the UT and answer any final questions the applicants may have regarding studying here and living in Enschede. Both Dutch and international students can apply for this job!

Interested? You can apply for the job through www.ictsv.nl/matching
If you have any questions feel free to send an email to d.l.m.lummen@student.utwente.nl!

01 Apr Thu
[Pixelate, April Fools'] Lustrum year stopped with immediate effect »

On March 31, the board of Inter-Actief announced the candidate board for the academic year 2021-2022. This has big consequences for the remainder of the Lustrum year...

Naturally, the Lustrum Committee congratulates the brand-new candidate board on its appointment. Nevertheless, this does create a problem in the workload for the Lustrum committee.

Organizing a Lustrum in corona times requires, by definition, a significant amount of time. Due to the new position of the members Janssen and Maas, it no longer seems possible to devote sufficient time to the rest of the Lustrum year. According to the candidate board members, it is difficult to combine with their new task as representatives of the association.

"If you are given the mandate to prepare for a year of contact with a wide range of companies, then duty calls", said Michael Janssen. Rosan Maas adds: "Of course, we loved working for the LuCie, but it was time for a new challenge".

Committee chairman Van Mourik has indicated that the remaining members of the Lustrum committee see no way to absorb the extra workload. Next to that, the Lustrum year has already advanced too far to start looking for new candidates. This is why the Pixelate frontman comes to a painful conclusion: the Lustrum year is concluded with immediate effect.

And what about the remaining boxes of lustrum beer? These can still be ordered in the closing sale via lustrumpixelate.nl/beer. "The rest is given to the food bank, so we still make many people happy with a tasty PXL8", Van Mourik concludes optimistically.

01 Apr Thu
[April Fools'] Color change! »

The time has come! The first steps have been made to change our corporate identity.

Update: as many have noted this was an April Fool's joke. At least for now, blue (#1d428a) remains the Inter-Actief_colour and the changes to the website were only temporary. Are you interested in making _long-term changes to the website? Then become a member of the WWW, our website committee! Send an email to www@inter-actief.net for more information.

You might have heard the board already talk about wanting to make changes to our corporate identity. Now is the time we can proudly unveil our first step: The color change!

We have collaborated with Abacus for this one; for a reasonable financial compensation Abacus has allowed us to copy their color scheme. With this step we are moving closer to a more unified EEMCS. As you can see, we have already rolled out the first step. No worries though, we realise there might still be rough edges, but we intend to patch these out over time.

This exciting new step does, however, come with a small downside: as already briefly pointed out, there was a financial compensation involved in acquiring the rights to Abacus’ color scheme. This does mean we will have to reevaluate our expenses for activities, unfortunately.

We cannot wait to hear your feedback!

On behalf of the 42nd board,
Willem Schooltink

New website design

31 Mar Wed
The candidate board for 2021/2022 has been announced! »

The candidate board for 2021/2022 has been announced!

The candidate board for the next year is as follows:

Chairman - Bart Leenheer
Secretary - Wouter Suidgeest
Treasurer - Wesley Joosten
Internal Affairs - Bram van Dartel
External Affairs - Michael Janssen
Educational Affairs - Rosan Maas


from left to right: Rosan, Bram, Wouter, Bart, Wesley, Michael

26 Mar Fri
BNNVARA Cybersecurity Documentary »

BNNVARA is making a documentary about cybersecurity and is looking for students with knowledge on the topic.

Are you a Cybersecurity student, or do you have an affinity with the subject? The Dutch broadcasting company BNNVARA is looking for you! BNNVARA is making a documentairy and they are looking for students who can help them in the process.

If you are interested in this, send a mail to board@inter-actief.net.

22 Mar Mon
Faculty council interest lunch »

Are you curious what the Faculty Council is all about?

Are you interested in joining the EEMCS faculty council next year? Then come to this information session to find out everything! The information session will take place on the 26th of March from 13:00 until 13:00, and you can join using this link.

15 Mar Mon
Minute-taker vacancy »

The Programme Committee of Computer Science is looking for a minutes maker for their meetings starting of September 2021.

The PC-CS meet once a month from September to July, the meetings will last from 10.45 AM to 12.45 PM. The meetings of the PC-CS are in English and the minutes will also have to be taken in English.

As minute-taker you will recieve a compensation for your time.

If you are interested or if you have any questions, send an email to boz-tcs@utwente.nl.

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